Fashionista Fridays: Katherine

Location: NYC
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Blog: Somewhere Sometime

I recently met Katie through a mutual friend and we hit it off right away. She is beautiful, stylish, well-spoken, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I also adore her blog and cannot wait to see her fashion line which is scheduled to come out this summer! I just knew that I had to feature her on Fashionista Fridays (See my last post here).

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as sophisticated and classic with a little bit of Californian thrown in there. Comfort is always my number one priority, but after my past 6 years in Europe I’ve learned that less is more on a day-to-day basis. I usually stick to really strong basics and use statement jewelry and accessories to brighten it up. My staples usually include a really well-tailored blazer, a great pair of jeans, and a nice pair of flats. Being from LA I’m obsessed with sunglasses, and wear them everywhere I go. Any outfit benefits from a great pair of Ray Bans or Bottega Veneta Sunglasses. I also cannot live without my Havaianas when the warm weather rolls around.

What are your favorite brands?
A few of my favorite brands include Maje, a french brand that’s recently landed in the US. They have a great design team who have an amazing talent for making seemingly high -fashion silhouettes really wearable. Their printed fabrics are gorgeous, and when winter rolls around, you cannot beat their coats and boots. Another brands are Vanessa Bruno for her mix of ultra parisian femininity with modern twists in silhouettes and construction. I’m beyond obsessed with Australian brand Lover Label. Every single item in their current collection needs to get into my closet immediately. They have a beautiful way of working with lace and tailoring. Zimmerman and Mara Hoffman are big ones for bikinis and beach vacation wear. And lastly, but definitely not least is J.Crew. I think Jenna Lyons (Creative Director) is an absolute genius for what she’s done with the brand over the last few years. I simply could not live without it. Enough said.

What is your number one piece of fashion advice?
My absolute number one piece of advice would be to invest in good staples! The best purchase I ever made for myself was to buy a beautifully tailored black blazer. It’s Stella McCartney, and yes, even though I spent more than I usually would, I’ve had it for 6 years now, and it’s the only black blazer I own. I wear it with everything, and I know it’s never going to out of style. Other than that, as I mentioned above, I could live day-to-day and be a very happy camper with a great pair of jeans, blazer, great statement jewelry (for this I love Alexis Bittar, Kenneth Jay Lane, or J.Crew), and a beautiful pair of flats of heels (the higher the better). No one ever went wrong by investing in a pair of slacks and a great black dress either!

Any beauty secrets?
I’m pretty simple when it comes to my beauty routine. However one thing I would seriously recommend to anyone is to find a facialist you love ad trust. This was a serious eye-opener for me, and I cannot live without my monthly visits to her. Other than that, I use drugstore brands like Cetaphil and Aveeno Daily moisturizer. Being from Los Angeles, I am a bit of a sun worshiper, and am embarrassed to say that I have not jumped on the Sunscreen everyday band-wagon. I know it’s awful, but it’s on the new years resolution list and I am trying very hard to put it into effect…after one last trip to Miami.

What is your favorite thing about your look?
I would say the best thing about the way anyone looks is their confidence. I got into this industry because I admire the ability that clothing has as a powerful tool of personal expression. Clothing has the ability to make the wearer feel empowered, individual, and beautiful. At the end of the day, this is really what keeps me going in this industry. Every morning when I get dressed I strive to achieve this feeling if confidence before I step out the front door. Whether I’m at home in LA wearing jean shorts and flip flops, or on my way to dinner in a fur coat, slacks and stilettos in Paris, the way you feel in your skin and in your clothes is the look that really resonates, and that’s by far my favorite thing!

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