J.Crew October Sale Picks

When J.Crew has a site wide 40% off sale (use code BIGSALE), it’s time to do some damage in my book. It’s the perfect excuse to stock up on more expensive basics like jeans and blazers. And if you’re looking for a winter coat, now is the perfect time to go for it. I don’t know what’s up with the Crew lately, but I’m majorly loving the vibe again and so so happy about that!

As promised on Instagram, here are my top picks from the sale…

You guys know I’ve been loving these jeans (seen here and here). They’re flattering for many body types and so so comfortable. I’m not usually into the high waisted look on me, but these are an exception. I just got these classic jeans (also high rise) and will be sharing them soon too. I love J.Crew jeans because the cut is a little shorter which is great for us short-legged gals. I learned that fact in a store last week!

Jackets & Coats:
I have a classic Cocoon Coat as well as a Chateau Parka, and live in them during the winter months. I can’t pick a favorite between the two, but they’re both really solid, warm, and stylish coats and if you’re in the market for one, this is a good time to scoop one up even if it’s on backorder.

Note: I’ve since learned that the jackets are not part of the sale. Such a bummer. I’ll keep you posted if I ever see them on sale!

Over the weekend, we popped into a J.Crew store to buy a few basics for Anel during the sale and I fell in love with all of the velvet pieces. I left with this velvet tank (in navy), but I am also loving these pants and this blazer (in pink) that I saw on a friend of mine last week and gushed over.

Is camo the new leopard? It certainly feels like it! This sweater/sweatshirt is perfect for errand-running, and these pants are great to pair with a plain black or grey sweater.

What’s on your J.Crew sale wish list?


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  1. Christine said:

    I’d love to invest in a JCrew coat one day, but even at 40% off it’s not in my current budget. I am excited to try out their new curvy fit jeans though! I’m loving the camo trend, but no way its the new leopard. Camo is fun, but leopard is both fun and classy! I don’t think a camo flat would ever be the closet staple that a leopard flat is! Also, I don’t see camo as business casual like leopard!

    10.7.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      The jeans are really awesome and I love how they’re making them for all body types now. Fair point about the camo and I agree about the flats!!

      10.8.18 · Reply
  2. Mari said:

    I got several things in the sale but one I’m very excited about is a cashmere cardigan that original price was almost $200 that I got for $54. I’ve never owned anything cashmere.

    10.8.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Amazing! Such a steal. I hope you enjoy it fully.

      10.8.18 · Reply
  3. Nicole said:

    Love both of those coats, especially the cocoon, but just looked at them and they are excluded from the sale. Wish they would put them on sale too!

    10.8.18 · Reply
    • Britta said:

      I know! Hate how jcrew sends emails saying “everything” is 40% off but then excludes their coats. Sorry Jcrew, not everyone can drop close to $400 for a coat that costs what, $50 to make?? Adjust your costs and drop your margins or at least put them on sale once in awhile.
      Retail is so ridiculously marked up sometimes it seems criminal!

      10.8.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Such a bummer. I didn’t realize that when I posted. Ill keep you posted if I ever see them on sale though!

      10.8.18 · Reply
  4. Libby said:

    Love love your picks!!! There is a lot on my J. Crew wishlist, even after the sale lol!! I might have to add a little velvet something to my list though!


    xoxo Libby

    10.8.18 · Reply