J.Crew High-Waisted Jeans

J.Crew Camel Blazer

I’m not very trendy when it comes to basics like jeans. But the other day, J.Crew was having a big sale and I happened to walk by a store in person. #oldschool. On a whim, I tried on these high waisted jeans and fell in love immediately. They’re high waisted without being too high, and the button detail gives them a fresh edge without being edgy.

I paired them with a striped tee that almost looked like a bodysuit without actually having to snap the bottom. The beauty of a high waist on your jeans is that it’s more forgiving if you want to tuck in a tighter top. I topped off the look with a camel blazer and plan to wear this whole head to toe outfit again in the near future.

I recommend sizing down in these jeans. When I tried on my size, they were loose in the legs and droopy in the front. They’re super stretchy, so a size down works better in this case. With a higher waist, it usually looks better to go tighter in general. If you want to see the jeans styled another way, you can see how I wore them last week again with plaid.

In other news, it was sprinkling and super windy on the day we were taking these photos (as you can probably tell from the photo above!), and it really accentuated the wave on the front of my hair. The piece that gets wavy like that is all new baby hair and it’s like a completely different situation from the rest of my locks. Have any other moms had this happen? Unless I curl it, my hair has always been straight… but now I have this one wave.

Also, my feet grew half a size. The female body is amazing but post-baby it never ceases to surprise me with fun little tricks up it’s sleeve!

J.Crew Blazer / J.Crew High Waisted Jeans / J.Crew Striped Shirt / Asha Pendant / Sam Edelman Pumps

J.Crew Blazer / J.Crew High Waisted Jeans / J.Crew Striped Shirt / Asha Pendant / Sam Edelman Pumps

Photos by Julia Dags.

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  1. Vanessa Rivera said:

    Oh mama! You look great in this outfit ❤️
    I’m not the biggest jcrew fan but I must try these jeans!!

    9.17.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks lady! They’re a little edgier than other J.Crew jeans, but so good!

      9.17.18 · Reply
  2. Sam said:

    These jeans look amazing on you! I’m loving high waisted jeans lately too. They’re so flattering!


    9.17.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks Sam! And I agree, so flattering.

      9.17.18 · Reply
  3. Laurie said:

    I gained a half a shoe size with each kid. Went from an 8.5 to a 10

    9.17.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      No. Way… That is the most I’ve ever heard! What did you do with all of your old shoes?

      9.17.18 · Reply
      • Laurie Scheffler said:

        I had my three kids over 7.5 years so it was a gradual replacement. My youngest is 15.5 now

        9.17.18 · Reply
  4. Meghan Keleher said:

    First of all, I love this outfit! The last time I wore button fly jeans I was a size 0 and also couldn’t legally drink alcohol, so I’m not sure I’ll be returning to the trend but they look FAB on you!

    Second, I have to weigh in on the hair situation because GIRL, it’s out of control over here. Pre-baby my hair was stick straight and would get frizzy in the humidity but also didn’t have any wave going on – I always blow-dried it but I could get away with a rough dry and a flat iron touch up after. Post-baby, a round of postpartum hair loss, and a second round caused by iron-deficiency anemia, my hair is wavy all over but the frizzy kind of wavy that only looks cute when air dried about 50% of the time. It’s tragic! A friend recommended a hair dryer brush from Revlon (the giant round one) and it’s changed my life. I can blow out my fine, shoulder length hair in 15 minutes, tops.

    As for the shoes… I was a size 5 or 5.5 pre-baby and now I’m closer to a 5.5 but sometimes still a 5 or even a 6. I’m not complaining because all of my old shoes still fit and it makes shoe shopping just a bit easier!

    9.17.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Ok I’m getting that brush on Amazon RN because it sounds like our situation is the same. It’s SO bad. I had no idea!

      9.17.18 · Reply
  5. Libby said:

    These are so cute!! I am not one for jeans or pants, but you may have convinced me to go try these jeans!!


    xo, Libby

    9.18.18 · Reply
  6. Rachel @ Rachel, Striving said:

    The top picture is such an awesome photo of you! Happy fall 🙂

    9.23.18 · Reply