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This year we did our apple picking early. We learned our lesson last fall when it was so crowded that it felt like Disneyland. Growing up in New Hampshire, I’m used to orchards with tons of trees and only a few people. In Connecticut, it’s pure mayhem so I suggest going ASAP before the real crowds start rolling in from the city. We also picked a different place, a little farther away, Harvest Moon Orchards in North Salem, NY. Last year we went to Silverman Farm which was also nice but a nuthouse.

Last Sunday was the perfect fall day. It was bright and sunny but cool and crisp. When I threw this quilted vest in the car, I thought I wouldn’t need it given that I had layered a thin turtleneck under my plaid shirt,  but ended up wearing it almost all day. It’s crazy how the weather can turn overnight and it shocks me every year. We spent about an hour walking around and picking apples (and a few tomatoes!), while eating at least a dozen of them between the two of us. Then we checked out the farm shop filled with maple syrup and apple cider donuts.

While the apple picking was fun, my favorite part of our day was when we passed a stunning lake on the way home and stopped to take in the beauty. When the sun glistens on clear water, it does something to my heart, and makes me so happy. We just sat on a tree and enjoyed the view and the weather for a while before heading home. It was such a special day, and I was able to fully enjoy it with my new outlook on life. That night, my husband said he hadn’t seen me so happy in a very long time.

Everything (besides the boots) in today’s post is from J.Mclaughlin, one of my favorite preppy brands. Their new arrivals for fall are so good right now! I have my eye on this amazing cardigan and this cozy scarf.










Thank you to J.Mclaughlin for sponsoring this post.

Plaid shirt, turleneck, vest, and pants c/o J.Mclaughlin / Boots (similar)


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  1. Mol C. Nichols said:

    We went Apple picking this past weekend too, in Warrick NY, and it was very crowded. Maybe next time we will go further out. Love your preppy plaid outfit. So perfect for fall.

    9.28.16 · Reply
  2. Sarah Minnerly said:

    Hi Julia!

    Love this post, will have to check it out! I love apple cider donuts.
    Do you ever feel that its a little hard for you to “enjoy” those moments (like at the lake on your way home) when you are constantly documenting your life?

    I have started to realize how consuming and annoying it is to have to think I need to snapchat or instagram in a moment, otherwise I will miss out. Its so hard to just genuinely enjoy things without having to tell someone about it, no?

    Just curious on your thoughts!



    9.28.16 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Hi Sarah! For sure it’s difficult at times. I’ve been doing this for 6 years now so we have it down to an art. On a day like this, we’ll go take photos and then put away the camera and phones and enjoy the moment. It’s all about balance… I like to get pictures out of the way first so we don’t have to think about them for too long. I hope that helps!

      9.28.16 · Reply
  3. Dana Mannarino said:

    SO PERFECT! I can’t wait to do Fall things like this 😉

    Pink Champagne Problems

    9.28.16 · Reply
  4. Bree West said:

    Such an adorable outfit! I am so excited to head up to New England in a couple weeks to do all the fun fall things! DC fall is still a little too warm to feel like actual fall for this Bostonian!

    xo Bree

    9.28.16 · Reply
  5. Liv said:

    The perfect fall look.


    9.28.16 · Reply
  6. Caitlin said:

    I am going to experience fall vicariously through this post. 🙂 So beautiful! Still not quite pants weather in the south, but I am definitely ready to break out my sleeves and boots!

    9.28.16 · Reply
  7. Allie Provost said:

    looks like you had an amazing time!! i am putting apple picking on my fall to-do list asap!! hope you have a great weekend!


    9.30.16 · Reply