Dressing for Comfort

I wish I could say that I actually wear a lot of the outfits I post here on a regular basis, but I work from home and have a baby with me most of the time, so that would be a big fat lie. In all honesty, I’m usually in leggings and a sweatshirt at home. When I go out, I put on my “fancy leggings” and a sweater and that’s about as dressed up as I get these days. I’ve shared these pants before but they’re the most comfortable ever. They look like pants but are actually leggings with pockets in the back and a zipper in the front… so a pegging I guess? I have them in navy too, and they’re my go to, even over jeans just because they’re so comfy. Like sweatpants level comfy.

Then there’s this sweater. The day I found out my grandfather was about to pass last month, I was a wreck. I felt emotionally exhausted and could hardly focus on anything I was doing. I happened to walk by a Splendid store in Greenwich and saw a big sale going on. I went in and impulse-purchased this uber soft cashmere sweater, an act that’s not like me at all. I walked out of the store wearing it and basically didn’t take it off until I got home a few days later. It feels like a cozy hug, and it was oddly comforting during a tough time for me.

I try to wear it now only when I’m out because, as you probably can imagine, wearing cashmere around a baby is an amateur move. In fact, I did it earlier this week and got puked on. My dry cleaners are really starting to love me!

In addition to comfy pants and soft sweaters, shoes that slide on and off have been a priority for me lately. When I have the baby in one hand, and a bag in the other, it’s hard to bend down and put on shoes which is why flats and these bootie/mules are in rotation more than usual. I also like that they’re trendy but not too trendy.

So yeah, there’s nothing groundbreaking going on here but I thought I’d share what I wear on a daily basis!

Splendid Sweater / Similar Faux Fur Vest / J.Mclaughlin Pants c/o / Clog Booties  / Monogrammed Necklace / Sunglasses

Photos by Carter Fish.

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