Dudley Stephens FAQs

Dudley Stephens FAQs

It’s no secret that the most worn items in my closet from September-March are my Dudley Stephens fleeces. They feel like a cozy hug and once I put one on, I never want to take it off.

I was first introduced to the brand about 5 years ago when I became friendly with the co-founder, Lauren Stephens. Today, we’re good friends and I can tell you first hand how hard Lauren and her sister Kaki work to run this incredible brand. They care deeply about their customers, about sustainability, and about giving back.

Dudley Stephens FAQs

Over the fall and winter, my DMs get flooded with questions about DS so I created a Dudley Stephens FAQs post today for easy reference! Let me know if you have any others and I’ll add them.

What is your favorite Dudley Stephens fleece?

I can’t pick just one but I can narrow it down to two! First and foremost I live the black Cobble Hill fleece once it gets col. I wear it all winter for daycare dropoff, running errands, and working from home with leggings. My other favorite is the camel Park Slope fleece in vello. You can see how I wore it three ways here. I also love the Park Slope in natural blush terry fleece (pictured below) if you like more of a light neutral. I guess that’s three favorites. Sorry!

Dudley Stephens Park Slope

Park Slope or Cobble Hill?

I normally wear Cobble Hill with leggings around the house or on weekends and I love how cozy and long it is, but if I could only pick one it would be Park Slope because I think it’s more versatile. You can see how I wore a Park Slope with a skirt below. TBT to that blonde hair, wow!

Dudley Stephens Park Slope Fleece

Vello or terry fleece?

I prefer the terry fleece because it’s a little thinner and I run warm. But the vello fleece is softer and cozier so it depends what you’re looking for. When we did my collab in ice blue (you can still buy my color in Park Slope and Cobble Hill!), we did it in terry for that reason.

Cobble Hill

What is Dudley Stephens sizing like?

I personally wear an XS in the Cobble Hill style (pictured above) because I like the longer part to be more fitted (although it makes the sleeves a bit tight) and an S in Park Slope.  The DS team actually made a whole fit guide (featuring yours truly!) to answer all of your fit questions. I also find that the vello fleece runs a little smaller than the terry just because it’s thicker.

Dudley Stephens Somerset Sweatshirt

What Dudley Stephens products do you like besides the two OGs?

I love the Somerset sweatshirt (pictured above) for over PJs or to throw on over a tee when I get chilly. It fits a little looser, like a sweatshirt. The Prospect Pullover is another favorite of mine for after the gym.

How is Dudley Stephens sustainable?

They make their fleece out of recycled bottles. The last time I checked, they had recycled over 1,000,000 plastic bottles to make their product.

Why do they always sell out so quickly?

I pulled this answer from their site: “What’s behind our sellouts is also what makes our brand unique: We make what will sell. As a family-owned and operated company with a sustainable product made locally and ethically, we are careful to avoid over-production and waste. So we project each run based on what we believe will sell. We are incredibly grateful for the response to our product—and we’re constantly working to scale our production to meet the growing demand.”

Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Carolin said:

    Dear Julia,

    I really do like your blog and am following for a while. Your family is adorable.

    I also really appreciate you considering sustainability, eco fashion and doing better in terms of your environmental challenges.

    I understand you want to support your friend, but was just wondering whether you are aware about the following.
    The fleece is made out of plastic bottles. It’s a good approach they are recycling but in the end it’s still plastic. Meaning everytime you wear/wash it any garment sheds micro plastic particles that end up going down all the way from your washer into the ocean/environment. Those particles even swirl around in your house and will be breathed in.

    Maybe you have some interest/time to read here or do some research yourself.



    For all of us it’s such a long way to go, learn and do better…

    All the best, Carolin

    9.9.20 · Reply
  2. andi said:

    Hi Julia, Love your site and all that it offers! Do they restock the cobble hill often? I love the black terry, but it’s only available in the fleece. I too run warm so I’m concerned with the weight.

    9.12.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      They do! Keep your eyes peeled.

      9.14.20 · Reply