Fisherman Sweaters

Fisherman Sweater

I love love love a good fisherman sweater. It’s classic, never goes out of style, and is always extra warm. My favorite one will always and forever be this LL Bean tunic version that I’ve had for years and will never grow old. I’m constantly throwing it on over sweats or yoga pants on chilly nights, and I love how it looks with a perfect plaid shirt underneath too.

I wish I could say that I wore this outfit over the weekend, but we shot this last week when it was chilly and it was in the high 70s all weekend. Our activities included a trip to the beach with Amalia and having friends over for a backyard BBQ… It’s October. I appreciate the beautiful temps but it just doesn’t feel right! I have a feeling we’re definitely not going to be having a white Christmas here in CT again. So sad.

In happier news, our second beach trip with the baby was a success. We learned a few lessons the first time and used them last night:

Go at the right time. She has a period between 4 and 7 where she’s usually up without a nap. We never planned for this, but that’s kind of how things have shaken out (more on her schedule tomorrow for her three month update). If we’re going to take her out, this is usually the best time because we know she’ll be awake for a long stretch. And if she throws in a cat nap in the car, we’re in even better shape!

Make sure it’s not too hot. The timing worked out perfectly because the sun wasn’t directly overhead and it was about 70 degrees, the perfect temperature for her to be comfortable.

Bring entertainment. At this point, her entertainment consists mostly of her play mat (she’s obsessed with it), so I brought one of the toys that usually hangs on it for her to look at/grab (thrilling stuff, I know). It kept her busy for about 20 minutes so that was a win.

Bring food. Last time she was too distracted to nurse, and ended up starving on the way home. This time we brought a bottle as back up and thank goodness we did. She had the same distraction problems but was fine with the bottle.

On a totally different note, I picked up these mule booties on a whim. They looked cute and were under $100 so I figured why not. But then I got them and my mind was blown. I can slide them on and off (important when you have no free hands) and they look like a bootie from the front. The heel is the perfect height and I’m in love. Of course they’ll only work until the snow comes, but at this rate, I have a while to wear them.

Fisherman Sweater / Plaid Shirt / Jeans (Leg holes are bigger because they’ve stretched out!) / Mule Booties

Fisherman Sweater / Plaid Shirt / Jeans (Leg holes are bigger because they’ve stretched out!) / Mule Booties /Photos by Carter Fish.

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  1. MihaBalan said:

    Couldn’t love this outfit more, from the fisherman sweater to the boots. Also liked how you layered the whole outfit. Perfect!

    10.23.17 · Reply
  2. Katie said:

    Love this sweater and how you layered it- so cute!


    10.23.17 · Reply
  3. Lily Park East said:

    Love this look but especially love your booties!! And I agree with sliding on and off, hands-free. Such a game changer!! xoxo

    10.23.17 · Reply
  4. Carly said:

    Those shoes look so great on you!

    10.23.17 · Reply
  5. graceatwood said:

    So pretty, Julia! I have been saying this a while (I think since our Gurney’s trip!) I need a great fisherman sweater!

    10.23.17 · Reply
    • You really do! I recommend this one and Vineyard Vines also has a great one right now xx

      10.24.17 · Reply
  6. You are glowing! Love this look on you and again, love your hair pulled back like this. So chic!

    10.23.17 · Reply
  7. kelly said:

    You look so thin!

    10.23.17 · Reply
  8. Erin Lucy said:

    I love this outfit! The sweater really is amazing and definitely goes with almost anything.

    10.23.17 · Reply
  9. Thanks Sydnee!

    10.24.17 · Reply
  10. Zoe McKenzie said:

    Hey Julia!

    I have been eying this sweater for a while now, it looks fabulous on you! The reviews online say that the neck is “very exaggerated boatneck” but yours looks fine? Also, what size are you wearing? Torn between an xs and s because it is so oversized!


    11.13.17 · Reply
    • Hi Zoe! It’s oversized so I have an XS. It’s definitely a boatneck, but not more exaggerated than most boatnecks that I own 🙂

      11.13.17 · Reply