Weekend Wear

Baby Patagonia

My Instagram feed, and the Instagram feeds of many bloggers, is filled with colorful outfits with captions like “Sunday brunch!”. But, let’s be honest, what I really wear on the weekends is not fancy. We go for comfort in my house, but try not to look like a family of slobs (although that’s been known to happen too).

In the cooler months, Anel and I are constantly reaching for our Patagonias. I basically live in my Better Sweater from October-March. I throw mine on to walk the dog or over PJs to watch a movie at night. Anel wears his to mow the lawn and go for hikes It’s surprisingly warm and the perfect preppy sweatshirt alternative. I have this quilted version on my Christmas list this year (mom, are you reading this?!).

When I found Nordstrom’s selection of baby Patagonia, my heart skipped a beat. From puffer vests to fleeces, it couldn’t be cuter. Talk about preppy mom heaven, am I right? I bought this fleece for Amalia for fall and she wears it on our walks everyday.

It’s a little big because I got her a 3-6 month size, thinking that at 3.5 months she would fit into it. She’s just a tiny peanut though, and wearing 0-3 months still. Total side note, but does anyone else think that baby sizing is so dumb? I feel like it should be by weight instead of age.

I digress…

So I thought oh how cute will it be to do a post in our matching Patagonia’s, smiling and happy. Wrong! For some reason, Amalia wasn’t feeling this photo shoot, so we had to cut it short. I was going to reshoot it, but then thought that I should show you what we really captured so you guys don’t think that I have a giggly baby 100% of the time.

Sometimes motherhood gets painted like that online, and it’s not. Babies get tired, babies cry, and babies aren’t always down to take photos with their moms apparently.

My Sweater / Amalia’s Fleece / My Leggings / My Shoes / My Sunnies / My Hat

Patagonia Weekend Wear

Patagonia Better Sweater

My Sweater / Amalia’s Fleece / My Leggings / My Shoes / My Sunnies / My Hat

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. Photos by Carter Fish.


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