Floral Maxi in Charleston

Free People Floral Maxi Dress

Happy first day of spring! I’m back from Charleston and feeling so inspired by my visit. The highlights of the trip were wondering the gorgeous streets aimlessly, taking in the picturesque homes, spending quality time with girlfriends, and all of the food we ate. I had no idea how great the restaurants would be!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a food recap/restaurant guide, but I decided against a full on city guide because we were only there for a few days and I felt like I had so much more to see. For some great comprehensive Charleston guides, check out this one from Grace and this one from Julia. We did explore three adorable stores that I highly recommend you check out:

Candy Shop Vintage
One of Grace’s friend’s, Deirdre, owns this adorable jewelry store filled with vintage treasures and a bunch of her own creations. She’s famous for creating the now iconic Charleston Rice Beads, and makes the prettiest elephant jewelry (I bought these earrings). It was fairly close to Leon’s, so you can easily stop by before or after a lunch there.

I’ve been wanting to visit Candlefish for the longest time, but had no idea just how cool the experience would be. They have a library of 100 house-made candles, labeled only by numbers. You get to work with the sales team to find one that you love by sharing what scent family you’re drawn to (e.g. florals, citrus, etc). I ended up taking home number 31 (with hints of lime, leather, and amber) after smelling a few options in the cedar wood family. I also bought a travel sized version of 88 from the “green and natural” family, with hints of lime, musk and tulip. Both candles smell incredible and very different. They also have a very well-curated array of gifts, cards, and other candle brands.

Madison Mathews
I randomly stumbled upon this store as Victoria was buying an antique print next door. I saw lots of stripes in the window, and figured I could do some casual browsing. Little did I know I’d fallen right into my dream store full of cotton tunics, tops, and dresses, perfect for my growing bump and after. There isn’t a huge selection online, but if you’re in town, stop by if you can. You won’t regret it!

Victoria and I were so grateful to Grace for showing us newbies around a place where she spends a lot of time, patiently letting us take pictures of every pink and mint-colored house we passed. We were lucky enough to meet a bunch of her friends and attend a Charleston Historical Society party set in the most beautiful historical home in town.

Another highlight of the trip was shooting with with Clay, an incredible local photographer, on the most beautiful sun-soaked cobblestone street. And yes, it was just as dreamy as it looks.

I’ve been holding onto this dress for a few months, waiting for an excuse to wear it. Charleston set the perfect backdrop for it’s ethereal floral pattern. I didn’t realize in those months, however, how much I had grown, oops! The dress barely zipped, so I’m pretty sure it’s the last time I’ll be able to wear it for a while. Obviously it’s a non-maternity piece, and it’s selling out quickly so snap yours up if you’re looking for the perfect breezy frock for summer.

Despite how wonderful everything was, I had a hard time keeping up with the girls, and often had to take rests and breaks. I hate feeling like a burden or a complainer, but I definitely felt like both, so would just step away when I felt too tired to participate. Despite not having any alcohol, I felt like I had a terrible hangover on the way home. Traveling these days is definitely a different beast, but with every trip, I learn a little bit more.

It didn’t help that on Saturday, our flight was delayed for five hours. I didn’t end up getting home until 2am. I was a total zombie yesterday, but glad to be back in the game today so I can put together my restaurant guide for you guys to read tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Free People Maxi Dress (More colors here) / J.McLaughlin Bag c/o / Jack Rogers Sandals


Lemon Stripes Baby Bump

Floral Maxi Dress

J.McLaughlin Wicker Bag

Free People All I Go

Maxi Dress

Free People Maxi Dress

Photos by Clay Austin Photography.


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  1. Elizabeth Oliveto said:

    Sounds like such a fun trip! And this maxi, gorgeous!
    Xo, Elizabeth

    3.20.17 · Reply
  2. O that is so pretty! The perfect springtime maxi!

    3.20.17 · Reply
  3. Kristina said:

    These photos are gorgeous and glad you enjoyed Charleston! I was there for a few days last week for CFW and it’s one of my all-time favorite cities!

    xo, Kristina

    Medicine & Manicures

    3.20.17 · Reply
    • It’s so amazing, right?! I think it’s one of my faves now too. It couldn’t be more charming 🙂

      3.21.17 · Reply
  4. Dana Mannarino said:

    This dress is STUNNING on you! Charleston is one of my favorite places, it’s So beautiful!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    3.20.17 · Reply
  5. Carly said:

    I would love to hear how you manage your dairy/gluten free diet when eating out and traveling. I’ve recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to dairy and I’m still having trouble not ordering my normal picks of the menu when we go out! It’s definitely an adjustment for me.

    3.20.17 · Reply
    • I’m so glad you asked this! I actually had a really hard time on the trip and had terrible heartburn for most of the time I was there. I tried to order salads and dishes without gluten when possible but it was not easy.

      The dairy part is easier for me because it’s been 10 years. I always just ask restaurant if they can cut out the cheese from a dish if it includes it. So many people have sensitivities these days that there usually isn’t an issue! Once in a while they’ll even bring you a DF menu.

      Good luck!

      3.20.17 · Reply
      • Carly said:

        So you mean I shouldn’t order the burrata starter at every restaurant I go to? Ugh lol. But thanks for the tips!

        3.20.17 · Reply
  6. Channy said:

    I’ll be heading to Charleston for Spring Break. Your posts have been very insightful. I cannot wait to read about the restaurants you ate at tomorrow. Can you share more about the weather and if the clothes you had packed were suitable the climate there? I’ve been seeing the weather changes drastically one day 75 to another day 56. I don’t want to bring the whole closet with me!

    3.20.17 · Reply
    • Virginia Merati said:

      We went in mid-April last year and it was gorgeous weather! Lots of jeans and tanks with a cardigan/blazer for layered warmth at night. During the day it was definitely warm enough to wear a dress!

      3.20.17 · Reply
  7. Need about two more days to recover from that trip home! BUT, had the best time with you. Where are we headed next?!

    3.20.17 · Reply
    • Or two more weeks? Next trip is spa only!! Lettuce wraps and meditation pods FTW!

      3.21.17 · Reply
  8. Belinda said:

    Love the dress and it looks so cute with the bump!

    3.20.17 · Reply
  9. Camila@effortless-style said:

    Love the bump and the dress! A very pretty combo! 🙂 Loved seeing little peeks on instagram stories. Candlefish looks amazing! I have always wanted to go!

    3.20.17 · Reply
    • You have to go! It’s such a cool experience!!

      3.21.17 · Reply
  10. Eileen said:

    Hi. I would be interested in seeing more spring looks and how to style them. While the dress is nice, this is more of a summer look. Given there is still snow on the ground here in the Northeast and it is only March, it is a bit premature to wear this kind of dress. Not to mention straw bags are for after Memorial Day not before.

    3.21.17 · Reply
    • Hi Eileen, I’ll be sharing more spring looks over the next few weeks! And I say wear straw bags whenever you want 🙂 There are no rules!!

      3.21.17 · Reply