How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

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There are a ton of ways that you could tie an oversized scarf, but this is my go-to style because it keeps me warm and looks less like wearing a blanket, and more like wearing a scarf. Every time I post a photo or Snapchat wearing one this way, I get questions about how to tie it, so I’m giving you the patented Lemon Stripes guide to tying a blanket scarf. Are you ready for it? I included step-by-step photos and instructions so there’s no room for error!

How to tie a blanket scarf

Make a triangle– Open the scarf all the way and fold it into a big ole’ triangle.
Point down– Pull it up around your neck with the point of the triangle facing down.
Criss cross– Behind your neck, criss cross the two ends of the triangle and pull them down towards your chest.
Tie a knot– Lift up the front of the triangle, and tie a loose knot with the ends under it.
Finito– Play around with it until it looks and feels perfect and voilà!

See? It’s a lot easier than you think. I wore a white and grey windowpane (also love this one) for this post, as it’s my current favorite. Speaking of favorites… this sweater is everything. I linked to it in my fall wish list last week and it’s the absolute best… so cozy and comes in 10 colors!

How to tie a blanket scarf


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