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I consider myself a bit of a loungewear connoisseur… I’ve been working from home for years and while I strive to get dressed in “real clothes” daily, by 3pm most days I’ve changed into joggers and a sweatshirt or leggings and a Dudley Stephens. So I was excited few weeks ago when I got a marketing email from J.Crew announcing their new weekend shop.

Le sigh. Sorry, wallet.

I bought some of it to test it out and report back on what was a hit… and what was a miss.

Let’s start with the joggers (above) because they are my favorite of the bunch. I love me a good pair of joggers, as you know. My all-time favorite pair is from Tommy John. I throw these on after I shower at night and put them on again in the morning for breakfast and the morning routine with Amalia. They’re soft and sit just right and aren’t too hot.

But on really cold days I want something a little thicker and the J.Crew joggers are the answer to that problem. They’re lined with cloud fleece, tie securely at the waist, and have pockets. Plus they come in my beloved sky blue.

We’re a slipper family and I’ve been an LL Bean loyalist for years when it comes to moccasin slippers. But as you can probably tell from 90% of my Instagram posts lately, I’ve been wearing the leopard moccasin slippers every day. I bought them on Black Friday and J.Crew has converted me. They aren’t quite as snug which makes for less sweaty feet.

Now let’s talk leggings. When I saw that J.Crew Weekend was making both camo and leopard leggings, I couldn’t decide and bought both. As someone who wears leggings every day either for working out, walking the dog, or (let’s be honest) just hanging out, I’m very picky about how they fit. I also have incredibly short legs so full-length leggings are always out of the picture for me.

J.Crew advertised these as 7/8 leggings that hit just above the ankle which is my go-to at lululemon. But when they came I quickly learned that they are definitely not 7/8 for my short legs! Luckily, they’re extra stretchy so I returned them for a size smaller and they fit perfectly.

My final assessment is that if you size down, they’re great for dog walks and loungewear, but I wouldn’t wear them to work out because the fabric isn’t sweat-wicking. I like to wear them with a Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill fleece for the days when I don’t have any meetings out of the house. They’re cute, that’s for sure, but not my favorite leggings at all time. I recommend having one pair for cute weekend wear.

What do you think of J.Crew Weekend? And because I’m getting questions about it, no this isn’t sponsored!

 Leopard Sweatshirt / Sky Blue Joggers / Leopard Mocassin Slippers / Camo Leggings / Dudley Stephens Fleece / Leopard Fleece / Leopard Leggings

Leopard Sweatshirt / Sky Blue Joggers / Leopard Mocassin Slippers / Camo Leggings / Dudley Stephens Fleece / Leopard Fleece / Leopard Leggings

Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Rachel said:

    I enjoyed this post because I was curious about their leggings, but is this a partnership with JCrew? I thought I remembered you saying on IG that you were testing out their lounge wear.

    2.3.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      It’s not! I will always note if something is a partnership (paid) or if the product is gifted. I bought all this product to test on my own because I was genuinely curious!

      2.3.20 · Reply
  2. Sarah said:

    Some of the stuff is cute. What are your thoughts on the sustainability of this collection? Does it meet your standards?

    Also, what do you like enough to actually purchase and keep?

    2.3.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Only one of the pieces that I purchased was sustainably made (this sweatshirt: http://bit.ly/2vajcV7) but my personal belief is to shop sustainably whenever you can but mostly just to buy things that you love and won’t get sick of in a month or two. Sustainability can also mean buying quality products that you’ll wear over and over. And that’s how I feel about these!

      All the pieces in this post are the pieces that I purchased and kept. The other stuff that I tried on, I didn’t love and returned!

      2.3.20 · Reply