Doing Things My Way

Last week my photographer came over for our first shoot of the year. I had worn this outfit out to dinner with some girlfriends the weekend before, and I wanted to share it here because I loved it so much. But that morning it was freezing outside. As in 20 degrees freezing.

I remembered a shoot from last January where it was so cold and windy that I thought I legitimately had frost bite. I made a decision in the moment of that memory to never put myself through that again! I pride myself on being as authentic as I can be, and standing around in freezing temps isn’t something that I do on a regular basis, and it’s completely unrealistic for real life.

When I originally wore this outfit, I never intended to stand outside in 20 degree weather posing in the middle of the street, so why would I do that now? So I told my photographer, Julia, that today my hallway was going to be my catwalk. Street style inside, if you will. And that’s where I’ll be shooting outfits until it warms up a bit. It might not be the blogger way, but for now it’s my way. Because I’m too old to freeze my butt off in bare legs in January.

The best part about our little indoor shoot? Boots made a guest appearance! He lovessss to photobomb my blog photo shoots, and really works the camera.

The skirt is from my favorite Nordstrom brand, 1901. I bought it with a gift card I got as a Christmas gift, and I wanted to treat myself to something pretty and different instead of a basic or something I needed. This skirt is so much fun to wear and could really be styled for any season.

I paired it with my go-to turtleneck tee that I’ve had for 8 million years and have worn in countless ways. In fact, the turtleneck is the star of next week’s first post in my rewear it series!

J.Crew Turtleneck / 1901 Pleated Skirt / J.Crew Headband / Valentino Slingbacks

J.Crew Turtleneck / 1901 Pleated Skirt / J.Crew Headband / Valentino Slingbacks

Photos by Julia Dags.


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