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I want to start this post out with a little PSA about Zika because I had so many emails and comments from you guys regarding my traveling to Florida. Some of you were concerned (thank you!) and some were incredibly nasty (please remember that I’m a real person over here!), but I’m answering you all in one shot.

Before we went, I did a ton of research, and learned that there had only been a few travel-related cases of Zika in Sarasota and Fort Myers (the two places we visited), meaning that people brought it back from other places. I went to my doctor, armed with this information, and she cleared me to travel there pretty quickly. But still that wasn’t enough! We know two other OB/GYNs, and asked for their input as second and third opinions. They all confirmed that I was good to go. I actually tried calling the CDC too, but couldn’t get through to anyone, so perused their website for days, and still found that there were no travel advisories to Sarasota. I was checking in literally from the airport en route.

Funnily enough, when we got there, we met three other pregnant couples from the northeast who had come down for vacation because it was one of the only warm-weather safe places to go. I don’t mean to sound defensive here, but just wanted you all to know that I would never ever do anything that I thought would put my baby at risk, and I do feel like we made a very informed decision in this case.

It’s funny, when my mom friends told me that as soon as I got pregnant, people would very vocally start judging my decisions, I didn’t really believe them. I thought, how can you judge a new mom who’s just trying her best? Well apparently they were right and I need to grow a thicker skin!

Lastly, I want to say one more time, if you have an issue with something I’m posting or doing, I always appreciate a direct email (I try to respond to all of them), as opposed to you posting on a site anonymously. I take feedback seriously, but it’s hard to read when it’s said in not nice ways.

Ok now that we have that off my chest, let’s talk about this outfit, shall we?

I’ll be doing a full vacation recap tomorrow, but while I’m prepping that, I wanted to share one of the looks I wore to dinner last week. I picked up this J.McLaughlin striped off-shoulder shirt, knowing that the nights would be a little cool and I might want my arms covered. It looked great and actually fit so I threw it over a pair of white jeans for our first dinner there. I love the sweet detail on the sleeves, as well as the loose yet somehow flattering fit.

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Striped Off Shoulder Shirt

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J.McLaughlin striped off shoulder shirt c/o / J.Brand White Jeans / Clutch c/o / Julie Vos Coin Necklace


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