Pink Wrap Dress

Show Me Your Mumu Dress

Oh man am I missing LA right about now. Yesterday it dumped snow all day and refused to creep up over 30 degrees. I actually bought a SAD lamp for the first time because I’m so over this winter. I’m hoping it helps. Have any of you guys ever tried one?

I’m also feeling happy looking back at these photos in one of my favorite dresses for spring. If you caught my Boomerang over the weekend, you can see just how flowy and fun it is. Excuse my hair in these photos. It was right after I got off a five hour flight and there was no hope at all. But I was determined to shoot it anyway because it’s just so damn cute. Plus we were right near the heart wall so I basically had no choice, you know?

If you like it but aren’t into the cut, the same brand makes a lot of pretty dresses like this cold shoulder and this long sleeved beauty.

In other news, if you scroll down you can see a close up shot of the gorgeous delicate gold necklace I’m wearing. I made a new friend, Leslie, back here in Connecticut (yay!) and she has the most amazing jewelry company, Nyla Star. I have these earrings and this necklace that you guys are always asking me about. The rhinestones legitimately look like real diamonds! She’s offering 20% off of everything on her site with code LEMONSTRIPES this week. Happy shopping!

In other, random news. Victoria made some fun updates to my site design. The font that you’re reading (at this very second!) changed to something a little cleaner and easier to read, and if you go to my home page, you might notice the pretty “Read the post” design under each blog post. Over the next month, you’ll see a few more design tweaks that will make reading and navigating Lemon Stripes that much easier. If you guys ever have any suggestions for making it easier to click around or anything at all, let me know! I want to make your experience here as seamless as possible.

Pink Flowy Dress

Nyla Star Necklace

Heart Wall Venice Beach

Pink Wrap Dress / Nyla Star Necklace (save 20% with code LEMONSTRIPES) c/o / Jack Rogers Sandals

Photos by Taylor Kinzie.


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