Soft Plaid Dress

Plaid Dress

All the bloggerz are talking about fall transition pieces this week and I felt left out so here’s my take on the matter… Kidding! I took these photos a week ago. Who’s ahead of the trend now? Clearly it’s late as I’m writing this.

Anyway, last Labor Day weekend, I wore a plaid dress (woah, remember how long my hair was?) and realized that I’m unintentionally doing it again this year, making it officially one of my top fall transition pieces. This one isn’t a heavy flannel so it is good for warmer nights with a little breeze.

I wore it for a date night with Anel last week and am packing it up for our trip to Seattle tomorrow where it’s supposed to be much cooler than it is here. As in 50s at night. Which means I’ll have to put away my Jacks and bring booties and flats for this trip. It makes me sad but these cute tassel booties make me excited for close-toed shoes.

In un-fall clothing related news, I wanted to share a sweet story. Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I went to the US Open for my very first time! Because of a partnership I have with American Express, I was able to spend the day there in amazing seats. It was way more fun than I had anticipated. The best part of the day, however, happened while we were leaving.

I bumped into two gals who were big Lemon Stripes fans. That’s always a treat but one of the girls, Jenna, told me the story about how she was in a terrible car accident the same year that her brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. They both had to come home from college on medical leave, but during that time, started a business together (J.Shotmeyer, definitely shouting them out) that donates part of their proceeds to testicular cancer research.

I was touched by her story and the fact that they were able to make lemonade out of some pretty crappy lemons. On top of that, as I was saying goodbye, she told me that she’s prayed for me every day since she read my miscarriage post. I teared up and feel so grateful to have Jenna out there, a stranger that I’ve never met, with a heart of gold, sending love my way. Maybe the world is a pretty great place after all…

Dress and Booties c/o / Bracelet / Clutch

Lemon Stripes in a Plaid Dress

The perfect plaid dress

Splendid Booties

Splendid Plaid Dress


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