Spring Simplicity

Sail to Sable Sweater / J Brand Jeans / Cuyana Bag c/o / ASHA Zodiac Pendant / Talbots Espadrilles c/o

Every spring I purge my home of clutter and excess, and every spring I vow to live a simpler life with fewer, better things. That also happens to be the motto of one of my all time favorite brands.

When I first read it on Cuyana’s website, it really stuck with me, but come fall, I always go back to my old habits and never can seem to keep my closet and home as streamlined as I would like.

Last year I tried out the KonMari method and made the biggest shift yet towards this goal. The idea of getting rid of anything that “doesn’t spark joy” is constantly in my mind. And when I really stick to that, both my house and my life feel less cluttered. It’s a pretty magical concept… when I actually stick to it.

This spring, Cuyana sent me their new cross body bag to test out, and the beauty in it’s simplicity makes me all kinds of happy. I’d much prefer to have a few really beautiful, well-made pieces like this in my closet as opposed to a bunch of trendy things that don’t last more than a season. The challenge is that with my job as a blogger, I’m always trying to share new discoveries, so it’s definitely a fine line to balance.

If you missed it last year, check out my spring cleaning guide that takes you through the 10 steps I use every year for the best spring clean you’ll ever have!

What’s your relationship to clutter? Do you let it build up and then purge or are you more of a daily de-cluterrer?

To be clear, I’m not being paid for this post, I just love the brand maybe more than any other fashion brand, and love sharing their products because I really believe in the quality and design!

Sail to Sable Sweater / J Brand Jeans / Cuyana Bag c/o / ASHA Zodiac Pendant / Talbots Espadrilles c/o

Photos by Julia D’Agostino.


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  1. Laura H said:

    This is a constant battle for me too! When I do de-clutter, there are times I know I can get rid of more then I do haha. I love the idea of only keeping things that spark joy, I am going to start using this myself!!
    Also cute espadrilles! Talbots has the best shoes!!

    5.14.18 · Reply
  2. Angela said:

    I am in the process of doing a huge declutter right now! Its taken me a few weeks but the progress I’ve seen is amazing! I’m trying to be as ruthless as I can to get rid of things that I don’t need and that are just built up as clutter since I know I’m moving out in the near future!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    5.14.18 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    I recently got the Cayuga lap top case for my iPad Pro, it’s gorgeous! I love their motto too – I’m a fairly regular de-cluttered and it’s nice to have a brand I can rely on for quality items to replace what I’ve worn out.
    Have a great Monday,

    5.14.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Yes! I have the same lap top case. Love it.

      5.14.18 · Reply
  4. Elizabeth said:

    I’m fighting a constant battle to declutter my house. I hate clutter but my husband doesn’t seem to mind or notice… he gets that from his mom. she saves EVERYTHING, and moved it across the country when she retired, and now has shipped it cross country again to us now that we have a house – I’m talking about everything including the feeding/diaper notes she kept when he was days old, to his baby teeth when they fell out, to his old karate belts. OY! Thankfully I’ve convinced him to toss most of it once it gets to us. Her boxes of “goodies” do include toys and books that were his as a kid, and it is cool seeing our baby play with them now.

    5.14.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Oh noooooo! That would give me major anxiety. I’m so sorry haha. At least the kid stuff sounds good!

      5.14.18 · Reply
  5. Virginia said:

    In the spirit of eliminating excess, I think a really great blog post would be to explain what happens to all the clothes/products/c/o stuff bloggers go through. I can imagine being absolutely inundated with an endless amount of “stuff”, and it does seem a bit hypocritical to me when bloggers talk about being green or environmentally friendly, but frequently post outfits that are never to be seen again, or feature all of the free goodies they receive in the mail on a daily basis. What happens after these outfits are shot and the instastories are done? Is there any good that comes out of this, or are we all just supporting a never ending cycle of excess that breeds more excess (and ends up filling our homes and landfills as a consequence)? Thanks!

    5.14.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Yes! I haven’t really written much about it because it’s actually kind of disturbing. We receive so much product and the boxes alone create so much waste. What’s crazy is that I often don’t even know how people get my address which is a little scary.

      Personally, I do a few things:
      1. If it’s something that I know my sister or a friend will love, I’ll give it to them.
      2. If not, I put it in a bag that my cleaning lady takes home every week. She sends a big box of clothes to her family in Uruguay every month or two and always tells me how much they need/appreciate it so that makes me feel better about it all!
      3. If it’s not something that she can send/use, I donate to Goodwill but I really want to find a local women’s shelter to donate to instead.

      If you have any other ideas, send them my way! It’s a constant battle.

      5.14.18 · Reply
      • Ashly said:

        Though I’m not a blogger I definitely have a habit of buying things for a specific “occasion” and then not re-wearing it. This is extra problematic for me since I work from home and don’t have a lot of opportunities to even wear normal clothes! One of the better options I’ve found for donating my clothes (which are usually higher end or at least a bit nicer than average) is to give them to a project by a local high school that provides gently used clothing to high school students. The closet is there for them free of charge to provide clothing for job interviews, college interviews, school dances, and really just general need! I love being able to provide younger kids with options to enjoy clothing they may not have the funds to buy for themselves, and the closet is constantly in need so I know it’s not just getting thrown away. I think esp since you’re fairly petite your clothes (and bags/accessories!) would go a long way in a project like that.

        5.14.18 · Reply
  6. That sweater looks so comfy and cute! I’m also obsessed with your shoes! Adorable!
    xoxo, Jenna

    5.14.18 · Reply