Put Some Bows On It

Greetings from sunny Sarasota, FL! Anel and I are so excited to be on our first real family “vacation” aka “family trip”, let’s be honest. Today is his birthday and we decided to spend it, and the whole weekend, somewhere warm with our little family. We’ll both be working while she naps so be sure to follow along on Instagram and check back tomorrow for Life Lately!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this happy little outfit that I wore on a sunny day last week. It made me the happiest. I mean how can you not love the tiny, colorful bows on this sweater? I can’t tell you how many people stopped me on the street to ask where I got it. The bows remind me of Amalia’s hair bows!

I figured if I was going whimsical with the top, I might as well go all out and rock hot pink jeans. Remember circa 2009 when colorful jeans were all the rage? I think I had 5+ pairs from J.Crew and I was obsessed. I wore a different color every day to work and “color blocked” with blouses and blazers. I realize that was a total trend but I still love it.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever fit into those jeans from my early 20s again, so I donated them, but I picked up a pair that actually fits (with a good amount of stretch no less!) and am so happy I did. I suggest sizing down if you get them though. I also stumbled across these blush pink jeans for only $68 and think I’m going to pull the trigger there too. They’re the perfect alternative to white jeans for spring and summer.

So what’s you’re vote on the colored jeans front? Hot pink, blush pink, or both?

Talbots Bow Sweater c/o / Talbots Pink Jeans / White Pumps / Sunnies

Talbots Bow Sweater on Lemon Stripes

Talbots Bow Sweater c/o / Talbots Pink Jeans / White Pumps / Sunnies

Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Allison Miller said:

    Both! I have a pair of hot pink ones and I wear them year round..in the winter I pair them with navy or black sweaters and they make me so happy!! Love the blush color too!!

    4.19.18 · Reply
  2. Taylor said:

    Love the pink pants – both hot pink and blush pink! Thinking back, I definitely had a quite the colored jean collection as well. My favorites were royal blue pair and a pastel yellow.. and I just bought a pastel yellow jean skirt from Abercrombie so fingers crossed the colored pant/bottom trend is semi acceptable again!

    Have a wonderful and sunny weekend in Florida!

    xo, Taylor

    4.19.18 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    Both! I love colored jeans- I’ve seen a number of pink ones recently so I feel like they’re kinda back. Either way I’m going to wear them lol. These look so pretty on you! xAllie

    4.19.18 · Reply
  4. Arlene said:

    I think Talbots’s has some really cute things these days. Usually don’t get much there except shoes but have had good luck this spring. Have the bow sweater too. Adorable. You look beautiful

    4.21.18 · Reply
  5. TOP Lists said:

    Ohh, I love you pretty look! ❤️

    4.23.18 · Reply