Shopping My Closet: Outfit 1

As promised in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post (found here), I’m starting a series this month where I shop my closet to create a full look every week in August. Here is the first of those posts. I had so much fun putting it together!

I wanted to do this for two reasons:

1. As a blogger I sometimes feel icky pushing so much product on you guys. Part of me loves sharing the fun things I discover, but part of me wants to scream, “But you don’t have to buy it just because I like it!”

2. It’s both fun and environmentally friendly to shop what’s already in your closet. Instead of relying on that new dress or top, it forces you to get creative with your looks and cuts down on both packing material and the gas that is used to get products from a retailer to your door. Plus it’s good for your wallet, obviously.

So let’s break down my first look, shall we?

Sweater Blazer: This (very affordable) sweater blazer from J.Crew Factory has been a favorite of mine since last year. I wore it a lot in the fall and winter and with September on the horizon, I pulled it out yet again. I love how it’s more structured than a sweater, but that it’s more comfortable and less boxy than a blazer.

J.Crew also has a version of it that’s currently 30% off. It  has 3/4 sleeves, no buttons, and is a little more fitted so either version is great depending on what you’re looking for. I personally like being able to roll the sleeves and I don’t think the quality is any different. I’ve tried on both!

I wore it last in this post.

Chambray Shorts: These high-waisted bow-tied shorts are both flattering and just fun to wear. They look great dressed up with pumps or more casual with sandals or flats.

I wore them last in this post.

Theory Tank Top: I got this tank top three years ago and it’s easily my favorite tank top. I wear it with high waisted pants, skirts, and shorts and it hugs my body perfectly. It’s definitely not cheap, but has been one of those pieces where the investment is definitely worth it.

I wore it last in this post.

Madewell Bandana Scarf: I’ve had this scarf for a long time and I often forget about it and then bring and out and use it for a few weeks at a time. While the neck scarf thing might not be as cool anymore, it also looks cute tied to a bag or around your head. For $12, it’s a fun and majorly affordable accessory that can really change your whole look!

I wore it last also in this post.

Sparkle Slip Ons: Sadly these Jack Rogers shoes are sold out but I found a similar pair on sale for $54 and a silver version here. I love slip ons for daycare drop offs so I can easily slide them on with Amalia in my arms. These just make me smile. I mean, how can they not?

I wore them last in this post.

Karen Walker Sunnies: I mean I wear these everyday so I feel like they don’t need any explanation. I love how heavy and big they are.

I wear them in literally every post so it’s hard to narrow it down haha.

Let me know if there are any other items from my closet that you want me to remix for next week!

J.Crew Factory Blazer (J.Crew Version on Sale) / J.Crew Shorts c/o / Theory Tank Top / Similar Glitter Slides / Madewell Bandana / Karen Walker Sunnies

J.Crew Factory Blazer (J.Crew Version on Sale) / J.Crew Shorts c/o / Theory Tank Top / Similar Glitter Slides / Madewell Bandana / Karen Walker Sunnies

Photos by Julia Dags.

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  1. Amy said:

    Love this series you’ve started and that sweater blazer! I have it too and love how it keeps you warm and comfy yet polished for work in the colder months in Chicago (so almost the whole year!).

    8.2.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Yay so glad you like it! I might actually get the light pink one too…

      8.2.18 · Reply
  2. I LOVE this idea SO much! Thank you for this new feature and i hope you don’t mind if I give you credit as inspiration for one of my future posts. After reading A Simplified Life and thinking more about the role we as bloggers (even part-time) play I think this is a great way you can be a good example for others!

    8.2.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks Ashley! Definitely go ahead and so glad this post inspired you to do the same!!

      8.2.18 · Reply
  3. Sam said:

    Super cute! Shopping your closet and remixing what you already have is so smart!


    8.2.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      And so fun to do on my part 🙂

      8.2.18 · Reply
  4. Katelyn H said:

    Love this idea and post. Great look and message.

    8.2.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thanks Katelyn! Glad you liked the post.

      8.2.18 · Reply
  5. BRN said:

    I think this series is a terrific idea! Well done- and you look great in this outfit!

    I would love to see a re-style of any maxi skirt that you have. (I feel like you’ve posted one before?) Maxi skirts always look so great but I wonder if they’re actually versatile? Happy to have you show us that they are!

    8.2.18 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Ahhh good idea! I have a few I could work with… although I usually pair them with this tank top haha.

      8.2.18 · Reply
  6. Laura H said:

    Super cute, I love this new series your doing!! I think we could all use help and inspiration with things we already have haha, plus saving money is always a good thing!! I love all your striped tees you wear, maybe how to dress them up or down?

    8.3.18 · Reply
  7. I really like this Outfit, but it is not suitable for me. My body pretty bad, height 162cm, weight: 63kg. My thighs and thighs are big, is there any outfit that suits me?

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    8.7.18 · Reply
  8. EM said:

    Love love love this! (As I miss the days when blogs like yours had more content and fewer product placements, shopping links, etc.– although I understand that you have to pay the bills.)

    Maybe different Breton shirt stylings?

    8.7.18 · Reply
  9. Lisandra said:

    Love this blazer and totally ordering it! Do you mind sharing what size you got it in? I don’t usually buy from J Crew and I imagine I’m one size up from you.

    8.11.18 · Reply
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