Wrap Sweater

Blue cashmere wrap sweater

Sweater c/o / Cami / Jeans / Clutch c/o / Flats / Sunnies

While I thought summer was finally here with multiple 75 degree days in a row, this weekend was beautiful but a little chillier, especially in the evenings. I’m back to spring layering for the type of days that are hot at 2pm but give you goosebumps come 6pm. This cashmere wrap sweater has quickly become a go-to for me this spring. I threw it on over yoga pants and a black tank top for lunch with a girlfriend recently and she was so obsessed that she bought it that day!

Because it’s on the shorter side, It hits me at the smallest point of my waist, making it insanely flattering, even with a loose shirt like this lace cami underneath. I wrapped it on over jeans on Saturday night for dinner with Anel and even he commented on how great it looked.

On another note, I wanted to address some changes that you might be noticing on the blog here. As you know, I quit my job in February, making blogging and brand consulting my full-time gig. Now that this is my main source of income, I quickly took on quite a few more sponsored posts than I usually do. Now that they’re all being published, I regret taking so many on in such a short period so I just wanted to address that and let you know that you can still expect all the same great content that you’re used to but with a few more sponsorships here and there.

That being said, just because a brand pays for a post, doesn’t mean that what I write is inauthentic. I only take on projects that really resonate with me and I always make sure that I have 100% ownership over the content so that it’s real and (hopefully) adds real value. I’ll also always note at the end of a post if it was sponsored. As always, I’d love any feedback from you on this.

PS this post isn’t sponsored, I really just love this sweater!

J.Mclaughlin blue wrap sweater worn over a white lace cami

Lemon Stripes wearing blue and white

Julia Dzafic wearing a J.Mclaughlin wrap sweater

J.Mclaughlin wrap sweater

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  1. Regine Karpel said:
    4.26.16 · Reply
  2. Daisy said:

    your blog became a fast favorite of mine (discovered from The Stripe), keep up the great content, sponsored or not 🙂

    4.26.16 · Reply
  3. Aubrey said:

    J.McLaughlin is an amazing brand! & congrats on blogging full time!!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    4.26.16 · Reply
  4. Maggie said:

    I love this look, especially with that cami underneath!


    4.26.16 · Reply
  5. Dana Mannarino said:

    That’s gotta be the coziest sweater ever!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    4.26.16 · Reply
  6. I hadn’t noticed more sponsored content; I think you do an AMAZING job, Julia! Also, we all have to pay those mortgage bills, right?! Sham on. You’re doing amazingly! 🙂


    Kelly | Kelly in the City

    4.26.16 · Reply
  7. Caitlin said:

    I love this outfit on you! So cute!

    4.26.16 · Reply
  8. Kate jorens said:

    Love your blog! Keep up the great work

    4.26.16 · Reply
  9. Looking so good! And every time you wear that cami I think “I NEED IT!”

    4.27.16 · Reply
  10. Hersheygirl358 said:

    I just found your blog a couple months ago and really love it!! Sponsored posts don’t bother me, congrats on being able to do this full time!!

    4.29.16 · Reply