Plaid for Day and Night

plaid 2 ways

Plaid shirts are a dime a dozen these days. It’s easy to get sick of the trend since you can’t seem to swing a candy cane without hitting someone wearing one, but this updated red and white Old Navy plaid shirt is actually the perfect addition to your winter attire. Here is how you can to take it from day to night this holiday season. See the full post on The Glitter Guide.

Day Plaid:
It’s been chilly on the east coast lately, so I covered up in a cozy fair isle sweater, keeping my day look chic with sleek winter white jeans and a red tote that pairs perfectly with the red in the shirt. Dainty gold accents pull the outfit together. Voila, now you know exactly what to wear to this weekend’s holiday girls brunch!

Old Navy 3

Old Navy 7

Old Navy 5

Night Plaid:
Wearing plaid at night can be tricky because it is such a casual pattern especially when flannel like this top. I paired the plaid with some serious sequins for a playful yet dressed up ensemble that can be worn to your office holiday party or a happy hour. If it’s cold outside and you want to keep your cashmere scarf wrapped around your neck, a sparkly vintage brooch makes it acceptable to wear at night.

Old Navy 9

Old Navy 11

Old Navy 12

Photos by ADz Photos.

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  1. Lindsay Truax said:

    I checked out your post and I love it. You definitely pull off two very cute and different looks. Both are bright, cheerful, and fun. You look very cute.

    12.18.13 · Reply
  2. typeAmy said:

    LOVE the day & night looks. will be borrowing next week 😀

    12.18.13 · Reply
  3. Amanda said:

    Plaid has become my new obsession and I love incorporating it into a night out look. By adding this casual addition I feel it makes those sparkly skirts all the more comfortable to wear out without feeling like a showgirl. Its a great way to blend your glam staples in with your everyday wear.

    12.18.13 · Reply
  4. Christa said:

    Love that plaid shirt, so versatile! Especially loving the beaded skirt combo!

    12.18.13 · Reply
  5. Zoe Cayetano said:

    You look great! Love these outfits.

    xoxo Zoe

    12.18.13 · Reply
  6. Oh Buoy Boston said:

    Can we steal both of these outfits!? Love.

    -Lindsey & Amanda

    Oh Buoy Boston

    12.19.13 · Reply