Red Hat

red hat 1

I can’t decide if this fuzzy jacket is like hideously weird or the coolest thing that I own. I’m leaning towards the latter. Despite making me look a little sheepish (get it?), it’s basically like wearing an acceptably fashionable blanket around town. It will be getting a lot of wear this winter, for sure!

Now let’s move onto this red hat that my husband insists makes me look like a Rabbi. I disagree and think it’s super awesome and chic, adding a touch of color to any outfit.

I took these photos in New York last week before I left to come up to New Hampshire for 5 days. I’m still relaxing under the red and yellow leaves but heading back to the city tonight and promise to share lots of photos with you this week. In the mean time, check out my Instagram for lots of fun photos from our trip.

red hat 2

red hat 3

red hat 4

Photos by Anel.

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