A Yellow Suit For a Colorful Future


Zara pants and blazer, J.Crew blouse and pumps, Lulu Frost earrings

Tomorrow will be my last day at my full time job at Integrative Nutrition, where I’ve been working for the last four years. It’s where I met my husband, where I grew up from an out-of-college girl into a successful young woman. This is a bittersweet parting because I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people, but I’m ready to go off on my own and explore what I can do with my very own ideas and passions.

I’m sure that the next two days, I’ll feel a barrage of crazy emotions: fear, excitement, sadness, jubilation, and more. If my mind ever goes in a negative direction, I’ll keep looking back at these fun and colorful photos of my yellow suit and balloons that Rebecca and I shot last weekend.

Although it was windy and the balloons tragically and dramatically flew away, we had so much fun shooting this. Obviously I loved wearing hot pink and yellow (also my wedding colors) and carrying matching balloons. And I know I look like a giant banana…but I don’t really care.









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  1. Julie said:

    I really love this outfit, Julia!! Especially those balloons! I think you look darling!

    2.27.13 · Reply
    • Thanks Julie. I had so much fun with this look 🙂

      2.28.13 · Reply
  2. I know exactly where you took these! UES love 🙂 Congrats on making the big leap! I know you’ll do great things.

    2.28.13 · Reply
  3. Stephanie Cohen said:

    Congratulations lady! So happy I got to meet you while working at IIN! So many great things came from that 1st interview together 🙂 A friendship I will always treasure. Best of luck, I know you will do great great things! xo

    2.28.13 · Reply
  4. Jane said:

    gorgeous/FUN shots! you’re going to go on to do absolutely amazing things in that yellow suit!

    2.28.13 · Reply
  5. Best of luck to you! I bet working at IIN was amazing. I am sooooo enjoying my IIN journey as a student.

    2.28.13 · Reply
  6. emma said:

    You look so beautiful in these colors. WOW! I want the same suit! Rebecca is a talented photographer.

    3.1.13 · Reply
  7. stephie said:

    I love this look, and I adore the balloons!

    3.3.13 · Reply