20+ Gifts for Grandparents

My most-requested gift guide of the year is here: gifts for grandparents! Not pictured on this list is the Beatles Anthology book which is what I bought for my mom this year. She’s a giant Beatles fan and will love it.

Shop even more gifts for grandparents… and everyone on your list, on the Lemon Stripes 2023 gift guide.

1. Mother-of-Pearl Picture Frames: Fill one of these pretty frames with a picture of their grandkids and you’ll have an instant winner on your hands.

2. Mini Photo Printer: I am constantly texting my parents pictures of my kids. It would be so nice if they could quickly and easily print them out on a whim.

3. Long Distance Touch Bracelets: Send love long distance through these connected bracelets. Touch one and the other lights up and vibrates. I can imagine a grandkid touching theirs before bed to say goodnight. Cue the tears!

4. Barefoot Dreams Long Cardigan: It’s giving Nancy Meyers chic grandma vibes.

5. Cereal Bowls: Perfect for cereal, ice cream, or movie snacks.

6. Engraved Heart Charm: So pretty and thoughtful. Add grandkid initials or whatever you want.

7. Acrylic Backgammon Set: If I want this for my own home, does that make me a grandma?

8. My Life Story So Far Book: This sweet cloth-bound “story of my life” memory journal book has prompts for memories, stories, and wisdom.

9. Lab-Grown White Sapphire Necklace: This is so so beautiful and comes in at under $300.

10. Enamel Frame Ornament: A cute little stocking stuffer.

11. Grandparent Pen Pal Set: Both generations can fill in fun prompts, lists, and special requests to create keepsake letters. Amalia and my mom would love this so much!

12. Microwavable Slippers: Um wow ok so I saw these on Oprah’s list of best gifts this year and now I think everyone in my life needs a pair.

13. Generations of Love Frame: This is a great one for the grandparent who has everything. It’s so meaningful and cool.

14. Grandpa and Grandma Sweatshirts

15. Tabletopics: With 135 thought-provoking questions, this set of conversation starters will encourage grandparents and grandkids to open up and share stories from their lives.

16. Ceramic Vase: Simple but beautiful.

17. Customizable Classic Refillable Journal: I’ve had this on my gift guide for the last two years and people always tell me how much their parents or grandparents loved it!

18. Silhouette Print: You can’t go wrong with these cute silhouette prints from Minted. We have them hanging in our kitchen of our kids and they’re just so happy!