DIY His and Hers Paintings


After I saw the Glitter Guide feature on the apartment of Bradley Agather, I became obsessed with how she featured Cocoa and Hearts in her bedroom on either side of her headboard. I’ve always wanted a Cocoa and Hearts painting but they are currently sold out so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Anel and I love projects where we can get creative together so I suggested that we make his and hers versions of these paintings for our bedroom. We’ve been trying to figure out what to put on the wall behind our bed for months and this was finally something we could agree on! I made my side with pinks, yellows, and oranges, and he did his in blues and greens.

It was so much fun to do this together and now our bedroom looks so colorful and bright. Plus knowing that we made them ourselves, makes the whole thing feel so darn special. They aren’t quite Cocoa and Hearts but they’re ours: Homemade and fab. Directions below!




What We Used:
-Sketch pad paper (11×14)
-Acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black). We mixed our own colors
-4 white 8×10 frames
-2 paintbrushes
-Newspaper or catalog pages to protect your table/floor

How We Did It:
This project was superbly idiot-proof. We mixed 6 colors for each painting and then took a thick brush (full of lots of paint!) and made a line on the page. Then just repeat 5 more times with the rest of your colors, and wash off your brush between colors. Tip: When mixing your colors, leave streaks in the paint for a more 3 dimensional look. If the colors are super flat, it won’t have the same effect.

In Our Room:
-West Elm duvet cover
-West Elm striped sheets
-Target lamps (old)
-Anthropologie door knobs on nightstands
-Nightstands bought on One King’s Lane
-Pottery Barn frame (my side) and alarm clock (his side)
-West Elm Headboard (old)
-C.Wonder monogram plate

Special thanks to Nadia D (the incredible photographer who happened to be sitting next to me at Starbucks while I was making this post) who taught me some cool new tricks in Photoshop!

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  1. Love this! I’ve wanted to make my own version as well because, honestly of the price point and that it does seem so idiot proof. Pretty (and those sheets are too cute!).


    3.29.13 · Reply