Dreaming of a Home Office

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Last week I had to work from home for several days because the power at my office was down. It was frustrating not only because I didn’t have all of my documents and usual office supplies but also because I didn’t have a proper work space. I parked myself at our dining room table and sat on a dining room chair (Note: not as comfortable as a desk chair for 8 hour days!). It had me fantasizing about having the perfect home office where I can work on my blog in peace and quiet once we move out of Manhattan. Here are some of my current inspirations that I keep track of constantly on my OfficeLove Pinterest Board.

My ideal office is bright and mostly white with bright and cheery decorative accents. I’d love a little chandelier in the center of the ceiling to make it feel fancy. Comfort is also important so my chair has to be perfectly comfortable and I’d like a blanket draped somewhere near by for easy wrapping around my shoulders access. Most importantly, it has to be clean and tidy at all times. I’m obsessive about my surroundings being neat so that is a no-brainer!

What’s your idea of the perfect home office?

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