Life Lately: Volume 105

Well hello from the immediate post-Halloween holiday season. I feel like everywhere I turn fall is “over” and the holidays have begun! I don’t hate it but also, can we just take a breath and slow down for a minute?

That said, my gift guide is launching on Sunday. For early access, sign up for my newsletter! As I do every year, I’ve put much love and thought into this guide over the last month and I think you’re gonna love it.

In the meantime, click around below and have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Sweater / Jeans / Flats (gifted) / Sunglasses


No, you’re not “too sensitive”

Signs your blood sugar is out of whack… and what to do about it.

I added a bunch of adorable Sara Fitz holiday products to my shop.

8 sex myths that experts wish would go away.

This would make a perfect Thanksgiving dress. 

A cheat sheet for the 2024 presidential race.

I got these black jeans for a campaign with Everlane and LOVE how they fit. They have a great stretch and look fantastic. I might go for the other washes too.

Erewhon’s secrets. Fascinating!

Let Britney Spears be weird.

I love this retro-inspired puffer vest.

Rethinking the institution of marriage.

How to reconcile with an estranged relative.

A great New Years Eve or holiday party top that comes in black and silver.

Where does antisemitism come from?

23 plant-based Thanksgiving recipes.

The perfect party dress doesn’t exi… I also just love this one with the fun feather sleeves.

The best new TV shows to watch right now.


Classic Chelsea Boots (3rd week in a row)

J.Crew Hoodie (3rd week in a row, 40% off)

Feather-Trimmed Sweater (40% off)

ALO Joggers


Cozy Fall Loungewear

– The Most Delicious Goat Cheese Appetizer