Life Lately: Volume 79

I am feeling very excited today because this weekend Amalia and I are hopping on a plane and flying down to Florida to meet up with my mom, my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces. Anel, Luca, and my mother-in-law will be joining us a few days later (Anel has to work). We rented a big house to fit all of us and plan to hang out in the pool and the beach, cook lots of meals, and generally enjoy the sunshine. Did I mention how excited I am to get out of town?!

While we will miss Lukey and Anel a lot for the first 3 days, it will be so nice to get one on one time with my girl. Not to mention a much easier travel day haha.

Amalia came home from school early yesterday with a fever but seems to be about 50% better today. Crossing my fingers that by Sunday she’s good to go for travel.

I have to get back to my tiny little patient over here so need to cut this short but have a great weekend!


How alcohol lost its cool. A friend sent me this article from last fall filled with stats like this: “The non-alcoholic beverages market has grown by over 506 percent since 2015, and Google searches for “sober curious” peaked in 2021 following the pandemic.”

The 2023 architectural “wow” list features today’s boldest works of architecture, art, and design. I perused this list for an hour the other day!

Shopbop is taking an extra 25% off sale styles including some fun pieces like these cute springy jeans which are almost 50% off, a fun hot pink dress, and the summer clutch of my dreams. I also love this Madewell cardigan.

Stop having those same silly fights with your partner.

Why is the new prep aesthetic so sexy?

I love a good tube sock and these are a level up!

American teenage girls are not ok. Rising teen anxiety is a national crisis.

Vanity Fair’s 2023 Hollywood issue doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to reading this and looking at the stunning portraits every year.

Also on VF, Penn Badgley reading season 4 fan theories will make you fall in love with him even more.

I couldn’t not buy these summer pjs for the kids, right!?

Paris Hilton is reinventing herself… and dropping the act.

Grace’s updated Charleston guide is incredible if you have any trips planned there.

Everything at Hanna Anderrson is 25% off including our favorite jammies.

How granola became fine dining’s it ingredient.

Sleep tourism is trending 2023 and I’m interested.

J.Crew’s 40% off President’s Day sale is also a winner. I can’t recommend the revival of their cotton fisherman sweater more!

Adding this soy-braised brisket recipe to my must-make list.


My updated foot care routine (don’t knock it til ya try it!)
My Decluttered Office