Life Lately: Volume 64

Greetings for 30,000 feet! I am headed out west to deal with some family stuff and feeling very emotional about leaving my kids last minute and so close to my last trip. But adulting is adulting so here we are.

Our week in the Dzafic house was quite the rollercoaster. Amalia is finally really starting to feel anxiety from her transition to real school and it’s showing up in similar ways to when we first had Luca. At least this time I know it’s temporary but man is it hard. I empathize with her deeply but also feel so frustrated as a parent because I don’t really know what to do.

Luca is growing molars so was also a bit of a mess this week. I feel bad leaving Anel with them alone for two days but he is the greatest dad and can handle anything thrown his way.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Pullover / Jeans / Luca’s Fleece


What’s happening in Iran and what can we do? There are a lot of great recaps out there, and I found this one to be especially helpful

What the first 28 days of motherhood looks like, according to 8 new moms. If this doesn’t make you support paid leave, I don’t know what will.

A great pair of performance joggers. A Vuori store recently opened in town and I went in to check it out because Anel loves their joggers. I tried on a pair of their performance joggers and immediately bought them in two colors (charcoal heather and umber heather). They’re a slim fit but relaxed, so soft, comfy, and look cute with a pair of sneaks.

Let’s call the endless Meghan Markle scrutiny what it is. Shall we?

My current podcast obsession. My neighbor turned me onto Your Own Backyard, a true crime podcast, and over the last two weeks I binged it hard. Whenever I was cleaning, driving, or walking the dog, I had it on. 10/10 recommend, I can’t get enough of it.

The wool coat blazer I bought for fall finally arrived and it’s fantastic. Julia Dags recommended it and she didn’t steer me wrong! It is slightly oversized but not too bulky.

Not even the rich can buy fancy watches. If you’re in the market for a luxury watch these days, you better know a guy.

The weirdest docuseries… that I couldn’t look away from. The Real Bling Ring includes interviews with two of the robbers who show very little remorse.

The Lake & Skye 11.11 candle is a current favorite in my house. It’s light, airy, and beautiful, made with soy wax and a lead-free wick. The online description sold me: “It captures the feel of skin emerging from the ocean, while the musky blend of white ambers wraps you in a feeling of warmth.”

Deuxmoi’s definitive guide to celebrity liquors. Dying to try 818 especially after the last few episodes of RHOBH.

The best beauty launches this month, according to Marie Claire.

I just bought the kids their outfits for our holiday card photos and they’re too cute not to share. And will sell out very quickly! Amalia got this tartan dress and I picked tartan overalls for Luca.

Mackenzie’s newborn photos with baby Tucker are too cute! So happy for her and her growing family.

Republicans have a dad problem. Conservative fathers explain why the fall of Roe v Wade is motivating them to vote left this November.

I splurged on this pullover while in Martha’s Vineyard and it might be my favorite wardrobe piece for fall.


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Photo by Julia Dags.