Life Lately: Volume 108

Well hello again and happy Friday to those who celebrate. We kicked off the week with a fun little bout of RSV (Luca) and bronchitis recovery (me) and my poor little guy has been home ever since. The good news is that his cough is a lot better so the scary part is over, the bad news is that he feels miserable and it’s so sad to see. He’s a very cuddly and sweet when he’s sick so we’ve basically lived in a perma-snuggle.

I somehow finished up my gift guides during his naps which was exciting, and I’m now working on wrapping up my paid partnerships for the year. We finished our garage project (I’ll share pics and deets on Monday!) and it feels like all of my loose ends are being tied up for 2023 which is nice.


– Stocking Stuffers for Kids

– Best Selling Gifts


Top 25 photos of 2023: Trigger warning, many images are graphic.

31 recommended Netflix series.

J.Crew is 40% off sitewide and 60% of present picks like

The best movies of 2023 (with trailers).

9 design trends to expect in 2024.

I can’t tell if I’m truly losing my mind or if these pink fuzzy Birks are the best thing ever.

Bon Appetit’s best cookie recipes, all in one place.

I updated my Shopbop Hearts with lots of sparkly New Years items!

How to fit volunteering into a hectic schedule.

My favorite date-night bodysuit is back in stock!

Every lie told by George Santos.

Selling art to the rich, famous, and inebriated.

A cute and cozy teddy tunic sweater that feels like a blanket.

How to mindfully consume difficult news.

Loving these J.Crew Factory Mary Janes.

The New Yorker’s best books of 2023 list.


Grandma Sweatshirt (love that you guys loved this!)

CZ Tennis Bracelet (under $100)

Agate Cheese Board

Kids Unicorn Hoodie Hat