Life Lately: Volume 60

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have minimal plans and no house guests this weekend. It has been a whirlwind summer and this feels like our first weekend to breathe in a long time. I’m hoping to take the kids to the beach, grill outside, and just chill for a hot second.  I’m hoping to even get a workout in which feels like a big reach for a weekend day but goals.

Our new sliding back door is being installed today and the shutters and final pieces of our siding project are being done tomorrow which means I can finally share the before and after photos with you all very soon. It is looking so beautiful, ahh!

Pictured above: Swimsuit


The best books of 2022 so far. I’ve read none of these so adding them all promptly to my list.

How to deal with an overtalker… and how to escape from one!

The ultimate sourdough starter kit. My sister just bought a sourdough starter kit from Cultures of Health and has started baking sourdough this week. She said this company makes it super easy to use and create your own treats. They also have kombucha starters, ricotta, and so much more. I’m so into this for a winter project! Or earlier?

33 of the best comfort movies. I agree with 100% of this list from Grace.

The worst food and drink for your teeth. As someone who has genetically terrible teeth, I appreciate this list.

The cutest $25 mules. I saw these on my derm a few weeks ago and when she told me they were a Target find I was shocked!

8 chic seaside hotels where you can live out your coastal grandmother dreams.

Fried eggplant with crispy basil and whipped feta honey. 100% making this as soon as Anel harvests some eggplants. I am drooling as I read the recipe.

Upgrade your laundry basket. The handles fell off of our laundry basket and I just bought this one which looks a touch chicer than the usual laundry basket.

17 insanely easy habits that might change your life.

Now is the time for treats. I loved this article about vacationing with kids.

Botanical dress. So pretty for late summer/early fall.

Trump just told us his master plan. If this doesn’t terrify you, read it again.


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Photo by Julia Dags.