Life Lately: 46

It was a crazy week in the Dzafic household. Luca spiked a fever last weekend and ended up testing positive for the flu on Wednesday. He has been doing really well, considering, but the poor kid has now had COVID, RSV, and the flu in a matter of three months.

And if he wasn’t sleeping or eating, he wanted to be held. Suffice it to say, my arms got a great workout.

He turned a big corner yesterday and is back to himself today thank goodness. I am just praying that it doesn’t hit the rest of the house next.

I was really proud of myself for not falling behind on any collabs or marketing client work. I would spend all of his naps in front of my computer and woke up early every morning to get in 1.5 hours before the kids got up. It’s amazing how productive I can be when I only have a few hours per day. It was quite eye-opening actually.

Today I am taking a press trip with a friend to a nearby spot and can’t wait to get out of my house and out of my head for a few hours!

Pictured above: Blue Dress


High: Taking a little time each day for my Italian lessons has sparked so much joy. Luca was home with me all week so I was squeezing work into his naps but after the kids went to bed, I did 20 minutes each night. It was so fun to have this project for myself during a whirlwind few days.

Low: When my kids are sick, my anxiety spikes to crazy levels. I get so worried about them and panic, even though I know logically they will be ok. He stayed home with me all week which was both challenging and kind of nice. The silver lining was that we got some wonderful one-on-one time together, full of lots of cuddling and playing. I didn’t realize I needed some bonding with him until we had it.


This baby’s timing is on point: I have watched this Reel 100x and it makes me smile so hard every time!

Op-ed from the mother of a trans kid in Texas: “I am not a child abuser.” Everything about this situation breaks my heart.

Yet another block print dress: I just can’t help myself, you guys! I bought this one for summer.

Soy sauce in brownies? Wait, what?

Blue and white striped one-piece: The perfect swimsuit for a New England beach day.

Hillstone steak salad recipe: I made this again this week and Anel made the very bold statement that it was the best salad I’ve ever made. There are a lot of steps to the recipe but I cut out the noodles, skipped the cabbage, and only marinated the steak for an hour instead of overnight. It came out just as good.

Is carbonated water just as healthy as still water? The age-old question answered… kind of.

Henley sweatshirt: I included this in my sweatshirt round-up the other day but feel very excited about it for some reason. I bought it in green and will share what it looks like when I receive it.

My miscarriage in photos: This photo diary of a woman’s miscarriage absolutely gutted me.

Why do we fall for TV scammers? From Anna Delvey to the Tinder Swindler, we all love to hate ’em.

Blue & white melamine serving set: One of my favorite online decor shops just launched an outdoor entertaining section and this sweet little serving set is at the top of my list for summer.

Grace’s Charleston apartment… is just so fun and colorful.

Officially never going outside again: If this spider story is true.

Tips for staying organized: Carly’s recommendation to use Apple Reminders feels like it could be a game changer? I am going to try them next week and will report back.


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Photo by Julia Dags.