Life Lately: Volume 52

Happy Friday… the 13th?! We’re just going to pretend that’s not a thing today, k?

The weather in New England turned a corner this week and it felt like summer. We did a lot of playing outside with the kids, some great walks with Boots, and the warm temps put everyone in a good mood.

This weekend Anel and I are taking a little one-night adventure into the city as my Mother’s Day redo since we spent the real one with two sick kiddos! We have no real plans besides a dinner reservation. We’re excited to walk around and explore kid-free just like in our old days. I’m forever grateful to my in-laws who will be holding down the fort for us.


High: Our local farmer’s market opened for the season and walking the market with a friend yesterday felt so good and made me so excited for fresh summer food. On another food note, I am working hard to perfect my air fryer almond-crusted chicken cutlet recipe and am so close. I need a few more tries and then I’ll share my tricks and tips for a perfectly crispy, flavorful dinner.

Low: Luca isn’t sick anymore but his stomach was destroyed from the last stomach bug he had so we’ve been cutting all dairy which he doesn’t love. But when he has milk or cheese, he throws up because his little tummy is just so raw. It’s heartbreaking. This poor kid has been through so much in the last year. I hope he has a happy healthy summer. He’s so sweet and cuddly and happy and lovey-dovey and I wish I could take his pain every time.

Pictured above: Crop Top / Slip Skirt / Espadrilles


The upside of losing touch during the pandemic.

Democratic leaders are getting the abortion story wrong. And on that note: How to donate to an abortion fund now.

A chic… vegetable peeler? Material Kitchen just sent me a new veggie peeler and it’s one of those things that brighten my day when I use it. I love well-designed, elevated little gadgets like this.

You don’t have mom brain. You’re overworked.

The story behind Goop’s luxury diaper. This was genius. Props to Gwyneth.

Flowy maxi skirt: I am feeling the sherbet color, floral pattern, and length of this pretty skirt I just bought.

5 books that will change your life… I’ve only read one of them.

Waking up from the nap dress.

Gingham bike shorts: Never has there ever been a cuter pair of bike shorts.

Have you ever seen a prettier smoothie?

The Mille dress I can’t stop thinking about: I saw Liz wearing this on her stories the other day and I keep going back to it in my head.

‘Just breastfeed’ is the worst thing you can say to a parent: PREACH.

AAPI beauty brands to support. This month and always.

The pretty blue and white clutch Anel bought me for Mother’s Day.


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Photo by Julia Dags.