Life Lately: Volume 70

My mom left yesterday after a weeklong visit which was so wonderful. My kids adore her but for health reasons she’s not able to get here very often so when she does, it’s extra special. She spent hours reading books to and playing games with both of my kids and they loved all the extra attention from their May May. I got a few meals out with her to meaningfully catch up too. My sister and her family came up last weekend so we had a very full house with all of the cousins and I loved every second of it!

When we bought our house 3 years ago, that kind of weekend was exactly what I had envisioned.

Yesterday I finally announced one of the big projects I’ve been working on which is a small spring collection with one of my very favorite brands, Ophelia and Indigo! I had bought one of their dresses in early 2020 when they first launched the brand and organically connected with the two female founders. I love everything they stand for from ethically and sustainably made clothing (their dedication goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen) to their partnership with Pajama Program and of course, their beautifully crafted dresses and shirts.

This collection has been in the works for almost a year and I finally saw all of the final pieces together in person yesterday for the first time. I teared up because it is perfect and so me and exactly what I want to wear all spring and summer! It will be launching in April but I’ll be sure to share peeks of it before then.


If you’re wondering what possessed Jamie Spears to keep Britney in his control for 13 years, this article goes behind the curtain.

How to live in a catastrophe.

Dudley Stephens’ latest drop is bright, colorful and so fun! They sent me this hot pink pullover (seen here) and I love it. You can use my code LEMONSTRIPES25 for 25% off site wide.

Making an enemy out of envy. I love Grace’s essay on envy this week.

I got these block heel booties as part of a partnership with Stitch Fix and kept them because they are so fab.

Penn Badgley’s TikTok is my new favorite thing on the internet. Vogue agrees.

25 easy but bougie holiday cocktails to make this month. Number 13 looks fantastic.

How cute is would this J.Crew sequined mini skirt be for holiday parties?

A crackly, gooey pistachio cake that I am dying to try. Can someone please come over and make this for me?

Meet the home birth whisperer. I was present for a friend’s home birth a few years ago and it was truly one of the most exceptional things I’ve ever witnessed.

A cute little black dress that would be great for holiday parties. On that note, this tartan dress is a whole vibe and very niche but you know I’ll be wearing it this holiday season

According to The Atlantic, the age of social media is ending. But I think a new wave is just beginning.

PSAs killed cigarettes. Can they help gun violence?

I love this loungewear pullover.


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Photo by Julia Dags.