Life Lately: Volume 57

Today Amalia is “graduating” from pre-school, and while I hate that she’s growing up so quickly I’m so proud of the little lady she is becoming. She’s been so excited for the graduation “ceremony” all week and her energy is rubbing off on all of us.

That is, until the news hit this morning that Roe v Wade was officially overturned. Of course we all knew it was coming but it still shocked me when I saw it, nonetheless. I don’t recognize this country anymore and I’m devastated. I know that a lot of us are having a lot of feelings right now.

If you want to do something productive today, donate to one of these 10 abortion organizations.


If the supreme court can reverse Roe, it can reverse anything. Scary times to be alive.

Canceled at 17: What happens when kids make mistakes and classmates never forget?

The Summersalt Warehouse Sale is here (30% off sitewide!): The Sidestroke one-piece is my all-time favorite swimsuit and I have it in three colors. There is no other suit that holds everything in and looks more flattering on my body… and every body. Use code SALE30 at checkout for 30% off.

The open secret of Google search: Spoiler alert… It’s not what it used to be.

Restrictions on nicotine levels in cigarettes: At least there is some good news this week?

My new “house shoes” from J.Crew are super comfy and on sale.

A 30 day phone breakup: One woman’s experience.

9 great hydrating face masks from Grace.

Tuckernuck Beach has launched! I love this pink dress/cover-up and this mazing blue and white sarong.

SJP’s new wallpaper line with Wallshoppe helps you embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw at home. The Fleur de Chamomille print is my favorite.

Why you remember the scary memories the most vividly.

I’m considering this strapless green dress for my birthday party in a few weeks.

How to end a conversation with someone who won’t stop talking. 19 trick!


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