Life Lately: Volume 61

Hello! It’s Friday! And my niece Helen is coming for a slumber party with her auntie!  The news from Kansas gave me a small glimmer of hope for our country’s political future for the first time in a long time. And I feel happy today.

Part of that is partly due to the fact that I had acupuncture with my friend Sarah for the first time in months. Every time I go back I remember how much it really changes my mood and the way my body feels. It’s also due to the fact that our exterior project is totally, utterly, and completely finito and I’m very much looking forward to showing you all the results next week.


15 things to do before the end of summer.

Carly’s post on stability versus flexibility hit home for me.

The literal best-smelling surface cleaner. Speaking of Carly, she influenced me to buy this and it truly sparks joy whenever I clean my kitchen. Which is 750x/day.

J.Lo’s entire honeymoon wardrobe in photos.

A pastel rainbow hoodie that I might just need.

20 anti-aging serums for noticeable results. I’m not surprised that my favorite face serum is on the list.

The foldable beach cart my family swears by.

All swiped out. How one woman’s longest relationship ended up being with Tinder

I love this Ciao tee from Clare V.

11 great summer wines from a very trusted source!

I can’t wait to make this crunchy Thai peanut and quinoa salad over the weekend.

The chicest blue and white pool float. If I had a pool I would fill it with these. Somebody out there please do it and send me a picture.

Which hard seltzers are the best? Food & Wine Magazine investigates this very important topic. I’m a High Noon gal myself.

A pretty sage dress to take us into fall.

This Italian chop salad looks delightful. I love a chopped salad, this is next on my to-make list.

I’m obsessed with this wallpaper. Unfortunately I have nowhere to put it. And while I was on the site I came across this sconce that is beyond gorgeous.

How to be happy in a recession.

The perfect denim shirt?

Apparently you can grill in your air fryer. This article tells you how.

A really great blouse for fall. And no one is shocked that it’s from Emerson Fry!


Summer Grazing Board
Mom hack: Weekend Quads
My 10 Favorite Canned Cocktails

Photo by Julia Dags.