Life Lately: Volume 71

I am feeling under the weather today with a sore throat so that is a bummer but I’m hoping to kick it quickly so I’m good to go for Thanksgiving!

Anel and I had parent teacher conferences for both kids this week and to say that I am a proud mama feels like an understatement. It is the best feeling in the world to see my babies thriving in school.

Amalia came home and read me a full book last night and I just melted into a puddle. Kindergarten is wonderful for many reasons but seeing her learn so much so quickly was not something that I was expecting.

Two weird things happened this week:

1. My account on an online retailer got hacked and someone ordered $6000 worth of winter coats and hats on my credit card. Luckily both my credit card company and the retailer worked with me to resolve it quickly but for a second I got nervous there.

2. I decided to give up sugar cold turkey because when I stopped drinking last month, my sugar cravings became OOC. Two days after I stopped eating added sugar I got the craziest headache and couldn’t figure out why (I’m not a headache person, more of a tummy gal). Then I realized it was literally sugar withdrawal which is just wild. Anyway that is done now so I can go back to moderate amounts of added sugar. Phew!

Pictured above: PJs / Hat / Blanket (gifted) / Slippers


I’m so proud of my friend Alex for launching her latest line of necklaces with Jeweled Coquette: The Apres Collection. My personal favorite its Taos!

The 10 best podcasts of 2022, according to Time.

A slamdunk conversation starter for big dinner.

Day care is broken. Say it louder for the people in the back, please.

This PJ collab between Kerri Rosenthal (one of my favorite artists who lives locally!) and Roller Rabbit is so happy for both kids and adults.

55 Thanksgiving movies to get you in the mood for turkey.

Why everything in tech seems to be collapsing at once. Apparently the industry is having a midlife crisis.

Hanna Andersson PJs are 50% off!!!!!!

Shop my LTK gift guides. LTK launched a gift guide feature this year for a very clean and user-friendly shopping experience. I’ve had fun making a bunch of guides there.

The 28 best restaurants in NYC. I’m dying to try Via Carota where I still haven’t yet been!

How to implement skin cycling into your nighttime routine. My old dermatologist came up with this brilliant system. I remember her telling me about it years ago!

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know about my obsession with Emerson Frye. Their winter collection beautiful and I have a big crush on this long wool cashmere coat. Also this sequin dress. What I’m actually buying, however is this black top that looks very simple but has a great shape that I love to pair with jeans.

For my RHONY fans, Dorinda Medley shared her holiday hosting secrets.

70 of the best Thanksgiving recipes to make this year.

I wore this fleece pullover on TikTok yesterday and so many of you asked where it was from. It’s on major major sale today too.

36 fireplace ideas to spark your imagination. Some of these are incredible, wow!

Going through hell to be skinny.

I keep seeing this fair isle cardigan everywhere I turn. I am in love with this one from The Great but why are their prices always so high?

How to decide which friendships are worth sticking with through life.

30 great books coming out this winter.

I realized this week that I have not a single pair of black jeans anymore (my size is different since having Luca) so I bought a new pair yesterday and hoping they’re as amazing as the Riley’s in the Frequency wash that I already live in.

What your dog actually thinks about you, according to science.

The rise of influencer capital.


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Photo by Julia Dags.