Life Lately: Volume 31

This week was uneventful, which was actually really nice. I caught up on some work, finally cleaned my desk and office, and put my maternity clothes in a box in the attic for the next time around, God willing. I wasn’t sad to see them go, ha!

Anel was sick for the better part of the week so I was on double mom duty which made me realize just how much he does and how grateful I am to have him be so involved. Of course just when he got a sinus infection, Amalia started having tummy issues. The poor baby was a hot mess all day Wednesday and most of Thursday and I felt so bad for her. The worst part is that I think it was because of something I ate which made me feel incredibly guilty when she was in pain. Apparently the #momguilt everyone told me about is a real thing!

One of my favorite parts of the week was hosting my first “mom talk live” Q&A on Instagram. I got so many amazing questions about sleep training and had fun answering them live (I’m also writing a full post about sleep training that will go live next week). I want to do the live mom-focused Q&As more regularly, and I’d love to know what you’d be interested in for the next topic. Anel thinks post-partum workouts but I was thinking something more focused on the baby. Let me know what you guys think!

This weekend is going to be pretty low key (shocker) and we’re hoping to go out to dinner as a family for the first time… Early bird special anyone?

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! In the meantime, click around and enjoy.

PS Happy birthday to my baby sister… You’re officially pushing 30, kid!

Around the Web

Blue and white home. I’m obsessing over all the blue and white pieces in the new Annie Selke autumn collection, “Mood Indigo.” We just got this new rug to spruce up our living room (See a pic of Amalia on it here). Request the Annie Selke Autumn Catalog here to see more. It’s one of the only catalogs that I love getting!

Spoof on conscious parenting. This video made me laugh so hard. #nojudgement

5 simple ways to meditate… and why you should try it.

Perfect plaid. J.Crew’s yearly perfect plaid shirt is back and I’m loving it! I buy the new one every year… Oops!

Grain-free, dairy-free cake. And apparently it’s “the best ever” so you better believe I’m going to be trying this recipe!

Hot baths can improve your health. Turns out my favorite way to unwind burns as many calories as a long walk.

Monogrammed necklace. I’ve received soooo many questions about the oversized monogram necklace that I’ve been wearing on Instagram lately. I bought it in a size 3XL.

Passive aggressive email responses. These email comebacks made me LOL so hard. I’ve received (and sent!) my fair share of these when I still worked in an office.

J.Crew Factory fall arrivals. 234 new arrivals just hit and they’re GOOD. I love this cozy sweater for only $38 (comes in 6 colors) and this plaid shirt for $41. They also make a coat that looks exactly like J.Crew’s cocoon coat, but it’s only $136. Sold!

Pregnancy support. My amazing fertility coach/acupuncturist has started a support group program for pregnant women. She was a huge support to me during my pregnancy and I can’t recommend her enough! Sign up here.

Striped sweatshirt. I love this lightweight striped sweatshirt for fall weekends slash every day! It will look cute over leggings, with sweatpants, or with jeans.

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  1. Kendall Allen said:

    I loved your Instagram live about all things mom related. Not a mom yet, but I will store all of that info away for when I do have kids!

    9.22.17 · Reply
  2. JRB said:

    First of all, this bath situation is good news. Sent that right on over to my husband who complains about my long baths every night.

    Secondly – really enjoyed your Instagram live talk. I just finished reading Babywise, so it was great timing for me. I’d be interested in something on pumping next maybe? Breastfeeding/pumping is what I am most worried about personally (due in early January). It’s not like I can practice it and I won’t be surrounded by medical professionals constantly like with labor and delivery.

    9.22.17 · Reply
    • Ha! I’m glad the bath info was helpful. I got pretty excited about it too! So so happy you liked the Instagram live. I definitely want to do more of those. Congrats on your January baby and I can definitely do one on pumping/breastfeeding. Great call!

      9.25.17 · Reply
  3. Corgs said:

    I’m not you familiar with insta stories, but it’s there a way to archive our save stories? That way those of us who couldn’t make it are still able to listen after the fact?

    9.25.17 · Reply
    • It was available for 24 hours but isn’t anymore! I’m recapping it with a blog post though so not to worry 🙂

      9.25.17 · Reply
  4. Amy said:

    I made the cake the day last week (added zest of one lemon to brighten it up) and it was so good. Even my girls declared it “the best cake ever!”

    9.25.17 · Reply