Life Lately: Volume 90

I spent most of this week book-writing and recipe-testing and it felt so good to check a bunch of things off of my to-do list without traveling or a lot of plans. Today is my day to catch up on everything Lemon Stripes related, finish off two more recipes, and I baked in an hour for self care which I think I’m going to take as a walk on the beach with Bootsie.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while and after some life updates back and forth she asked me how I was feeling as a woman and mom and human among all of the exciting things happening in my world. I just dropped a collection, got a book deal, opened an online shop, and had a nose job all within a 5 months span and to be honest, no one (including myself) has asked me that yet. I think I’m kind of running on adrenaline so I didn’t actually have a great answer for her.

Is it weird that I don’t know how I feel? Obviously I’m exciting and inspired and happy about it all but I don’t think I’ve really sit with myself to let it sink in. I often play things off as less of a big deal than they are so I don’t have to talk about them (note to bring this up in therapy lol) so when someone really asks and listens and forces me to do that, I get emotional.

I guess my point is that I, and all of us, should make sure to celebrate our wins. Like really celebrate and appreciate our wins. Big and small. And give ourselves credit where credit is due.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: My Dress / Amalia’s Dress / Outdoor Sofa (gifted)


VRBO just dropped their top 11 vacation homes for 2023. I wouldn’t mind a week at number 8!

Is not drinking a problem for you? This satire made me giggle.

I bought a vintage-inspired high-neck striped tank at J.Crew the other day and I love how it looks with denim shorts. See how I wore it here.

There’s no secret to how wealthy people dress.

2o movies to see this summer. Can’t wait for the Barbie movie!

Beach pants make for a great cover up and these are just fabulous.

Mineral vs chemical sunscreen 101. A crash course in an important summer topic.

I finally the denim overall shorts trend and wore them twice this week. 8th grade me is thrilled. As is 38 year old me.

Carly’s guide to planning the most epic bachelorette weekend.

These fun shell earrings are perfect for summer and under $40!

Family dinner advice for new parents. Number one I agree with 100%.

Have you seen the preview for The Bear season 2? It looks wonderfully chaotic and anxiety-inducing… in a good way.

I added a bunch of fun summer items to my Shopbop hearts. Some favorites today are this dress and this summer cardigan.

A child psychologist shares her knowledge on raising boys. I see you, boy mamas!

My new favorite tined lip balm (in color 2) that wears like a moisturizing chapstick but gives off the prettiest barely-there color.

Ariana Madix opens up to the New York Times. You go girl! Also

Amalia made a guide of her favorite pieces over on the Lemon Stripes Market including summer dresses, her school backpack, and cute baseball caps. It also includes her cute strawberry dress pictured above

The color of this cozy set is the perfect shade of blue. You can find the tee here and the cozy shorts here.


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Photo by Julia Dags.