Life Lately: Volume 92

Well we certainly had an eventful week. Amalia came down with a fever on Monday night that lasted until last night. The poor thing was so sick and lethargic and shivery and it broke my heart. When she is sick it brings me back to the days when she was a baby/toddler and her getting sick would send me into a spiral into awful anxiety. I’m so glad I can be the mama she needs me to be when she’s sick now. We had a lot of cuddles and built many a Lego set.

Yesterday was the first of two cookbook recipe shoots this week and it went great. We somehow pounded out 13 recipes in a day which is kind of unheard of according to my editor. Food shoots bring me so much joy and every time we have one I feel like pinching myself.

Blog content was light this week given the holiday on Monday, Amalia being home sick, and the shoot, but next week I should be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Have a great weekend!

Blue lounge set pictured above: Tee / Shorts


How to master small talk in motherhood.

Eating fast is bad for you… or is it?

Love love love this summer sweatshirt so much. As if I need another one! This one is also fun and on sale.

Can you really plan your dreams? An interesting read on dreamscaping.

The untold story of Lost’s poisonous culture. As a true Lost stan for the entire series, this one was a tough read.

My new favorite black swimsuit is on major sale. I wore it last weekend and got so many compliments.

A flight attendant’s 12 etiquette rules for flying.

The chaos of shopping TikTok’s dupes.

Another great summer layer for under $50.

How Stanley cups became the obsession of Millennial women.

On the Succession finale, the Roy kids shit the deathbed (only read if you’ve finished the series!).

I couldn’t be more obsessed with this tweed jacket. The only question is black or white?

I bookmarked this Halal cart chicken salad to make soon.

How to vent to your friends without bringing them down too.

A perfect little striped sundress.

How TikTok beat the ban (for now).


Blonde Puttanesca Recipe (so good, don’t skip this one!)
Car & Truck Clothes for Toddlers

Photo by Julia Dags.