Life Lately: Volume 74

Well I am finally coming back to life today after a week of feeling like a dumpster fire. I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday and found out I have a double ear infection (yes, like a toddler) which was why my head was throbbing for the last two weeks. My bad, I definitely should have gone earlier.

She told me I really had to rest to get better because it had been days and days and I was having trouble even standing up I was so exhausted. So I spent the majority of the last two days in bed which is my actual nightmare, but it was worth it because the fog has broken and I’m upright again!

That said, I was bored out of my mind and I think I just hate relaxing? Unless it’s on a beach, of course. The one win was finally watching Don’t Worry Darling, which I loved.

I’m excited to finally get out of the house this weekend and might even take a social media break because I overdid it on my scrolling for sure.

The decluttering is going well! I sold a bunch of items on Poshmark and Facebook marketplace, and went through my jewelry. This weekend and next week I’m making lists to complete one project per day.  It’s so interesting how once I changed my mindset I was able to see clutter in so many places.

For example, my make up bag had a concealer in it that I hadn’t used in over a year. Why was that still there? No reason! Once I cleaned out all the items like that, it make opening the bag so much more enjoyable.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Pullover (no longer available in this color way) / Jeans


The podcast that helped solve a murder. If you obsessively listened to Your Own Back Yard then followed the trial afterwards, read this article about Chris Lambert, the incredible man who helped crack the case. And if you haven’t listened to the podcast, I highly recommend it!

OMG OMG OMG! Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret is now a movie and the trailer looks fantastic.

Maybe we’re too hard on Momfluencers. I read this over the holidays and forgot to share it earlier.

Do green powders actually work? I swear by AG1 but not everyone agrees on this topic.

I finally ordered a docking drawer for our kitchen to help get rid of our electronic clutter on the counter. I’m so excited for more counter space and to get this installed ASAP!

I bookmarked this list of easy sheet pan dinners from Jess to make a few in the coming month.

The most perfect black pullover with gold buttons.

Despite everything you think you know, America is on the right track. If you need some optimism today.

Mackenzie’s dining room wallpaper is so beautiful… I want to cover my entire house in it!

This gorgeous Anthropologie desk (with filing cabinets) is replacing my current desk and filing cabinet to free up space and declutter my office. Although I planned this poorly because I sold the desk and cabinet and have to wait for the new one to arrive. I’ll be working from the dining room until further notice!

What does it mean to really, truly rest?

20 productivity hacks to make your day easier.

The cut and color of this sweatshirt!!

Is it ok for me to use Black hair products if I’m not Black? This topic has been going around a lot on TikTok and Instagram lately and this article broke it down really well.

This hot pink dress is everything if you have a tropical vacay coming up.

The winners and losers of Prince Harry’s Spare. Also bonkers revelations from the book, ranked.

Mama’s boys: Some quotes from mothers and sons on their unbreakable bond. And as a boy mom I finally get it!

Drawstring jeans are a lifestyle that I’d really like to be a part of.


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Photo by Julia Dags.