Life Lately: Volume 93

Cue the waterworks! It’s Amalia’s last day of Kindergarten and you know how I get with my kids and their milestones. The tears have been on and off all day. I can’t believe how much she’s grown physically, mentally, and emotionally this year. I couldn’t be prouder of the big girl she’s turning into. And I’m so excited for a summer full of core memories for both of my kiddos.

I also had a big personal milestone in that I finished testing and writing out all (over 100!) recipes for my book. There is still a lot more writing to go but it was a huge deal to finish that part and now I feel confused about how to spend my days since the last 3 months have been mostly cooking and writing. At first I was really happy and excited and then felt a weird wave of sadness that it was over. I guess that’s my sign that I need another book! JK my goodness, I don’t know how people ever do this twice.

This weekend I’m going to try and focus on rest (per yesterday’s summer wellness kickoff post) as best as I can with two little ones.

Have a great weekend!

Blue lounge set pictured above: Jumpsuit


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Wide-leg jeans: Size down. I can’t stop wearing them!

Linen shorts: Runs true to size.

Striped tank: Runs true to size.

Gauzy jumpsuit: True to size but runs oversized. Obsessed.


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Photo by Julia Dags.