Life Lately: Volume 99

Life Lately

Happy Friday! It was a great week for everyone in my house. We were all just in a good groove. I had my penultimate recipe photo shoot for the book which felt bittersweet. Shoot days zap the life out of me but also make me feel creative and alive in a way that nothing else does.

I also started working with a new therapist (mine moved and I wanted in-person sessions) who I really love. Even after one session she was able to tap into things that I hadn’t thought of before. People always ask me how to find a good therapist and the only answer I have is to get recommendations from a friend or someone you trust. That’s the only way I’ve ever done it so that’s all I know. I’m excited to dive into some patterns and past traumas with this new woman though.

One of the first things she told me (and every therapist ever has told me) was to try to force myself to move my body more to get out my anxious energy. So I finally went back to SoulCycle after a many-year break and it felt really good! I like to tell myself I’ll make it a regular thing but I genuinely hate working out so it might take a minute to get back into the habit.

Next week Luca is having his tonsils and adenoids removed so I’ll be taking a few days (maybe more) off to focus on him and his recovery.

Have a great weekend!


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