Life Lately: Volume 96

The heat wave (kind of) broke here in Connecticut, or at least the humidity did. It has been so nice to be able to walk outside without breaking a sweat in 30 seconds for the last two days!

It was another fun and exciting week with a recipe shoot for my book (we only have two left, phew!) and the launch of the Honor Top as a part of my collaboration with Ophelia & Indigo. We had sold this top out in one day in another pattern last March so wanted to bring it back, exclusively in the Lemon Stripes Market, in a fun new version. It’s over halfway sold out since yesterday and I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s support and love around it!

To celebrate this win, I booked a spontaneous super last-minute weekend away for my family when I found a rental house on the beach that wasn’t too far of a drive. So tonight we’re off to get a change of scenery and have some good ole-fashioned family fun. I’m so excited to unplug and see where the weekend takes us.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Top (yay!) and shorts


20 strategies to stay cool in the heat this summer.

The secret to a good conversation.

Ok this striped pullover is amazing with a capital A!

We shouldn’t have to grade Barbie on a curve. And on the same note… What’s the matter with Barbie? Plus my personal favorite, all of Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired looks on the (never ending?) press tour.

Lessons from 10+ years of therapy.

These sandals are so so pretty.

Why does everyone want to smell like a tomato now? I’m not a fan, are you?

5-ingredient recipes to make the most of your summer produce.

The prettiest blue dress for a summer night. This one too! And both are under $200. Ok last one and this one is a little pricier but wow.

The golden age of six-figure birthday parties… for kids!

Speaking of the uber-wealthy… what it’s really like to fly on a private jet.

I ordered this amazing bodysuit for fall and I can’t wait to wear it.

A definitive list of the 10 best beaches in America.

What we know about the Gilgo Beach murders. I recently listened to a podcast about these murders (Unraveled), so was shocked and relieved to hear that they finally found the alleged killer.

I added some fun new products to the Lemon Stripes Market. Check them out.

What to buy at Trader Joe’s for a week’s worth of healthy meals.

Dog relaxation 101: A vet’s tips and tricks.

I bought this tee in navy/white but now I want it in pink/orange too. Fantastic fit.

Take a tour of the coolest, most colorful home ever!  Of course it belongs to a wallpaper designer…

7 easy (and non-corny) ways to practice daily gratitude.

I loved loved loved reading 50 stories from 50 rappers about the history of hip-hop.


The Honor Top (obviously)

Birkenstock Big Buckle Sandals

Sweater Tank (in love with this color)

My $70 Sunglasses


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