Life Lately: Volume 44

Back in the day, I used to write life lately posts every Friday. They always included a high and low of the week, along with articles, posts, and things I’m loving that week. A reader recently asked if I could bring them back and I thought why not!? I love putting these together and they’re fun to read.

The last one I wrote was in May 2018. Oh, how much has changed since then. We moved to a new house, a new town, had another baby, opened Anel’s studio, and lived through a pandemic. Nuts!

It feels weird posting anything today given the state of the world but if you need an escape from the news, scroll down.

And if you feel inclined, please consider donating to the International Red Cross or Save the Children (not the QAnon conspiracy, it’s a legit NGO) to help aid families in Ukraine. Anel always talks about how when he was living in a warzone as a child, the best part of the month was when the Red Cross would come and deliver food and clothes. Even if you can’t give much, every dollar means a lot to the kids on the receiving end.


High: We started the week in Florida and are ending it with my dad, brother, sister, and niece visiting for the weekend. Having so much family time with all the kiddos has been just the best.

Low: Bootsie is limping again. He was doing so well for months with joint supplements, regular exercise, and a healthy diet but the limp is back so we’re going back for some more testing to see what’s up. He’s been tested for Lyme multiple times and lots of other things but we can’t really figure out what’s going on. It breaks my heart to see him in pain.


Why do I wake up with a headache?: There are a few reasons, apparently.

Avocado toast with an air fryer egg: I haven’t made an air fryer egg yet but now I’m inspired.

Blue block print dress: One of my all-time favorite dresses has been restocked!

5 minute desk yoga: Need to try this next week.

Building a fine jewelry collection: Great post from Grace about creating a solid fine jewelry collection.

Hot pink swimsuit: I got this suit for our trip last weekend and felt like a million bucks in it.

It’s your friends who break your heart: I love love loved this article and found it so spot on.

The prettiest colander: Or as my Italian great grandmother used to call it, “Macaroni stay, water go.”

Unpacking the Home Work drama: Obsessed with this topic.

Scrunchie strap slides: I just bought these for summer.

7 Habits that Lead to Happiness in Old Age: I read this on Grace’s link-up last week.

Food styling behind the scenes: When I worked for a food start-up, I would have to be on all of our photoshoots. The food styling for one shot would take hours. It was fascinating.

What do essential oils and satan have in common? Young Living, apparently.

Amalia’s rashguard: Got lots of questions about this one last weekend. It’s so cute!

A new interview with Anna Delvey Sorokin: I can’t get enough of this story after watching Inventing Anna.


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Photo by Julia Dags.