Life Lately: Volume 29

Lilly Pulitzer Tunic

Happy Friday, friends! I haven’t written a Life Lately post since mid July. I plan continue them weekly again now that I’m back in the swing of things. Obviously a lot has gone on since then but I’ll focus on this week for now, because that’s what these posts are all about.

It was an exciting week because I was finally cleared to exercise and had my first training session with Madison since June. June!!! It was hard and I literally can’t walk normally today. I’m so excited to get myself back into shape, you have no idea.

Because I’m breastfeeding, I’ve been letting myself eat whatever I want, but I think I may have taken it too far. I’m not going to go on a real “diet” because I don’t want to compromise my supply, but I’m definitely going to cut back on the processed sugar and simple carbs, which I’ve had serious problems with lately.

That mixed with no exercise had me feeling pretty down on myself. I have exactly 12 pounds to go if I want to get back to my pre baby weight which seems like a lot of pounds but doable… Or is that not a thing that ever happens? My goal is to hit it by the end of the year but I’m not going to go crazy trying. I plan to make healthier food choices and exercise a few times a week. If it’s not enough, I’ll kick it into higher gear come January. Yesterday’s workout definitely gave me new life.

Speaking of new life (ha!), my sweet girl is getting so close to sleeping through the night. She’s been going down between 8 and 8:30pm every night with a dream feed at 10:30, and every week stretches her night feed a bit longer. For the last five days, it’s been after 5:30am. I’m hoping 7am is around the corner but you never know with these little ones.

Getting longer stretches of sleep definitely helps us a lot during the day, although I still have mommy brain like crazy. I forget everything and feel like I’m losing my mind a little bit, but my doctor said it’s totally normal and when my hormones balance out and I get more sleep, it will start to go away.

In non-baby exciting news, I’m doing my first ever Instagram live Q&A today at 12pm EST. I got a lot of great questions from you guys, but if you have more, DM me on Instagram and I’ll try to get to as many as I can later today. I’m excited slash oddly nervous about messing something up!

Pictured above: My shirt. Amalia’s outfit is sold out, unfortunately.

Around the Web

Stop letting email control your work day. My dad wrote an amazing article for the Harvard Business Review about prioritizing your work day. I need to take a tip or two from him!

Some honest blogging. I’m so proud of my friends Jess and Hallie for each sharing the very personal story of their friendship big break up and incredible make up.

Chic fleece. I mentioned it on Instagram, but I’m obsessed with this fleece for fall with suede detailing and gold buttons. I just got the vest version too!

September reading list. I haven’t cracked a book since Amalia’s been born, but Grace’s September reading list is inspiring me!

Chicago home tour. I can’t stop staring at the before and after photos of this incredible greystone in Chicago that belongs to The Everygirl co-founder, Alaina Kaczmarski.

Long cardigan. My hips are still wider than usual and this cardigan will cover them perfectly this fall and winter… It comes in five colors and is a great price too.

Is there a right way to eat corn? Anel constantly makes fun of the way I eat corn so this Food52 article made me laugh… I’m definitely a “rabid squirrel” corn eater. It drives him nuts!

How to dress for fall. Jess’s fall looks are on point, especially this cozy outfit.

Sweater blazer. Enough said. I bought two of them

Justin Timberlake lullabies. I have been living under a rock for the last six weeks, so this is probably old news, but I just discovered that JT himself has an album of lullabies!!! Bedtime just got a whole lot more exciting in my house.

Fashion advice from a very young stylist. This little boss lady cracks me up talking about fall trends!

The September 10. Every month I get excited to see what 10 pieces Tuckernuck will feature. I want every single one for September! Especially loving this leopard skirt (could I pull it off?) and this gorgeous but pricey camel sweater.

Venice acai bowls. All of Kat’s post around Venice Beach make me just want to up and move there! This cute shoot at her favorite acai bowl spot is just the latest.

Shoe sale. J.Crew Factory is having a buy one get one free shoe sale (use code SHOESPLZ) this weekend! It includes these leopard flats which are my most worn pair of shoes in the fall and spring.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Colleen said:

    If you don’t lose all 12lbs- cut yourself a break. You’ve grown and sustained a life in your body, and now your feeding her with your body. In the grand scheme of things- your body just did something amazing and you don’t need to push it back into the box it was in before. Speaking of which…. I’m about 4 1/2 months pp- and got back to my pre-baby weight around month 3- but I am a completely different shape now! So even though the scale says one thing, your body might be like meeeerrrppp. But I am just embracing it because I have my daughter now and that’s what really matters! <3

    9.8.17 · Reply
    • Totally! I’m trying to be easy on myself 🙂 Congrats on your baby!!

      9.8.17 · Reply
  2. kpcod said:

    Hi Julia! Amalia is beautiful and you look great! I love your blouse in the photo above! Where did you get it? Who is it made by? Continued good wishes for all of you!

    9.8.17 · Reply
  3. Ashley Vickney said:

    Amalis is gorgeous! Hopefully mom and dad get to sleep in soon! I read your dad’s article but didn’t know it was for dad’s! I actually sent it to one of my professors knowing he’d love sharing it with his capstone class!

    9.8.17 · Reply
  4. Lillie said:

    Major braid envy!

    9.8.17 · Reply
  5. Emilia said:

    Hey Julia! Thanks so much for the tip about the J. Crew shoe sale!! I’m seriously contemplating the leopard flats, and I’m curious if you have any outfit posts where you’re wearing them? And did they fit true to size for you, or did you have to go up or down in size? Thanks in advance :-).

    9.8.17 · Reply
  6. Bonnie Keane said:

    You look amazing new mama! I had around that same amount of weight to lose and it came off no problem by the three month mark! I just did light exercise and did the same as you – no strict diet, just trying to eat healthy. I was breastfeeding too so didn’t want to cut my supply. Just be patient and you will get there! I know how frustrating it can be. You seem to be doing great as a new mama and it’s so important to make time for yourself, which you seem to be doing! Congrats on your beautiful angel.

    9.8.17 · Reply
  7. Emily said:

    JT has a lullaby album?!?! Game. Changer.

    As for the body/workout stuff, I was there, too! My little girl is 3 mo. old and I actually lost a little weight initially and then gained I was eating so badly. I started focusing on eating more protein and being healthy (and graduated the “I’m breastfeeding! Bring on the 3rd piece of cake!” thinking). If nothing else I feel so much better, but I also have seen the lbs slowly come off.

    Also, where did you get Amalia’s outfit?

    9.9.17 · Reply
  8. Michelle said:

    Dear god, PLEASE tell me how you’re getting your little one to sleep on her own for so long! I’m exhausted and at my wits end.

    9.10.17 · Reply
    • I’m following the “On Becoming Babywise” schedule and it’s been amazing! And the dream feed at 10:30 changed our lives. I highly recommend the book.

      9.10.17 · Reply
  9. Erica said:

    I really liked your dad’s article! I’m not in the Corporate world now, but it reminded me of those days.

    My son slept as well as Amelia (we followed Babywise too). My daughter is one and has only slept through the night 3x. Enjoy your sleep! I’m insanely jealous of it…

    9.10.17 · Reply
  10. Wave for Wellness said:

    Great to hear you’re back in the swing of things and cleared to exercise! Don’t worry about the baby weight, the better you feel the more active you get and they will start coming down. Also the fact that you’re breastfeeding helps a ton! At least it did for me, but be careful with food once you stop 🙂

    9.10.17 · Reply