Life Lately: Volume 48

We are officially counting down the days until Lukey’s first birthday. Every time my kids have a birthday, I get very emotional. This year flew by and it simultaneously feels like he’s been here forever and just showed up yesterday. I am a big mix of tears and smiles as I think back on the last 11 months with my little guy.

Tonight we’re heading into the city for my dad’s big birthday dinner, a tradition we used to do every year but haven’t since pre-pandemic days. It feels like a big step back to normal!


High: We had some really fun meetings that resulted in exciting decisions for a big house project we’re working on. I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon.

Low: I had anxiety all week for no real reason. It was hard to kick but with lots of walks, a little spring cleaning, and trying to take it easy on myself, I’m feeling a lot better today. I was extremely unproductive but here’s hoping for a better week next week.


Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed… but only if you want it.

Prolonged grief becomes a diagnosis. As a shock to no one after 2+ years in a pandemic.

Amalia’s Easter dress: I saw this and bought this immediately. I love an old-school little girl’s dress. I got her a matching headband too.

Now we’re getting even more RHONY? I’m not sure how I feel about this, TBH.

Pom poms + gingham: But they work together in this fun and colorful little sundress!

Congratulations Mackenzie… on baby number 3!

12 Ukrainian fashion brands to know. A great round-up from Grace.


5 Random Things: March
Easter Grazing Board

Photo by Julia Dags.