Life Lately: Volume 66

Happy Friday! I had a very very exciting week work-wise and just signed a contract for my biggest project ever and the first thing I’ve been really jazzed about with work since the pandemic hit. I cannot wait to hit the ground running on this and share more soon.

On mom duty, however, we’re still dealing with some pretty major transition anxieties with Amalia that are triggering me in a major way. I hate seeing either of my kids in any kind of pain and since I can relate to her feelings, it is even worse. I know that she will ok in time and we are here to support her along the way, but it is very hard to go through as a family.

Last night I finally watched Luckiest Girl Alive (loved the book) and woah, it was very intense. Per usual I thought the book was better, but the movie is worth a watch. Trigger warning: school shooting and rape.

We have an exciting weekend because the one and only Julia Dags, aka my secondary little sister, is getting married and I can’t wait to celebrate her on Saturday!


If you want success, pursue happiness. Now there’s a novel idea.

What exactly is a Negroni sbagliato? With Prosecco in it.

These boots are so cute and cozy! Adding to my wish list immeds.

Butter boards are the new charcuterie. Here’s how to make one for your next party. I’m on board with this trend!

Are the same person you used to be? This article went around my family thread last week

Shopbop’s holiday gift guide is live. I’ve already started working on mine but this is next level!

After reading this NYT article, I’ve become obsessed with the idea of the Nap Ministry. It sounds similar to a guided meditation.

15 trunk or treat decorations to try this year. Trunk or treat parties stress me out, not gonna lie.

I bought Luca and Amalia Bombas slippers to wear around the house. They’re cozy and have grips on the bottom so they don’t slip.

No one does a reality-TV reunion like Bravo. As if we didn’t know this already!

A cozy Barbour pullover perfect for apple picking vibes.

I can’t stop thinking about this creamy sesame noodle salad since I saw it.

This round-up of hot dads in children’s books made me LOL. Here is the IG account if you want to give it a follow.

My newest bodysuit is perfect for jeans in the fall/winter.

The 5 midterm races that matter most for abortion access. If you live in PA, AZ, OH, MI, or NC, please be sure to give this a read.

Anel is harvesting his sunchokes this afternoon and I’m looking forward to roasting them up this weekend.

7 books to read this October.

Why do I want a sweater that looks exactly like my baby blanket?


Athletic Greens Review
Whipped Pumpkin Goat Cheese Dip

Photo by Julia Dags.