Life Lately: Volume 111

It’s a very big weekend in our house because Luca is officially transitioning to a big boy bed. The bed frame is arriving today and the mattress (and bumpers) tomorrow so wish us all luck because we’re going to need it! When Amalia made this same transition I was so excited for the next step and what was to come. This time, because I know he’s my last baby, it feels a lot more emotional. I can’t believe I won’t have any kids in cribs ever again. It’s a wild feeling!

On the grown-up front, Anel and I are going to a James Bond-themed birthday party tomorrow night so I really need to pull my outfit together for that. I’m very excited to get all dressed up for a night sans children.

Have a great weekend!


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J.Crew’s annual spring event (40% off site-wide) is happening and the spring arrivals are amazing. I wore this vegan leather dress to an event this week and it was very flattering and fun to wear. And I love this Hunza G swimsuit dupe. You can find all of my top picks from the sale here.

Whatever you do, don’t do the silent treatment. I’m definitely guilty of this in my relationship from time to time.

There was a climate protest at the play I saw on Wednesday (the night before I saw it). I love how the actors reacted!

I just bought this perfect-for-me light blue and lemon dress for book signing events this spring.

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I’ve started an obsession with Sezane tee shirts. This is my current favorite. On another Sezane note, how cute is this denim romper?

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Kind of loving these pink flare jeans on sale for under $50.

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One of my all-time favorite go-to dresses comes in a new pattern. The way I bought this in 0.2 seconds…

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Never thought I’d type this sentence but Abercrombie has a new wedding shop and it’s kind of…awesome? I’ve been looking for a dress for a friend’s garden wedding in June and found some serious contenders. This one?

50 popular Easter recipes from Half Baked Harvest.

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