5 Random Things: May

Summer has hit the Northeast hard, fast, and early which is both amazing on a personal level and terrifying on a global level. Nevertheless, my children are none-the-wiser and have been fully enjoying the beautiful weather with lots of time outside on our new patio, playing with the water table, and trips to the beach. I love seeing them so happy playing outside.

Last night we had our first beach picnic dinner which we thought would be lovely but was mostly chaotic. Luca is in the eating sand and then getting mad about it phase which is… interesting. But I told him last night he better figure it out because we are a beach family through and through.

Speaking of family… my sister is due with her second baby any day now and I am just giddy to meet my second niece! I already adore her and she’s not even Earth-side yet. It’s so fun to have a family baby when it’s not yours 🙂

The baby in our house is seemingly not so much a baby anymore. I think his age of innocence has officially ended and we’re in the moody toddler stage. He still has his sweet baby moments, of course, but with a few tantrums and angry tears peppered in. He really wants to communicate but isn’t there yet and I think it’s making him very frustrated.

I remember this same thing with Amalia and when she finally walked and was able to speak more, things got so much easier.

Amalia is also growing up far too quickly and has her Kindergarten orientation today. I have cried about it many times already. It’s fine. I’m fine!!!


BooksThe Dutch House by Ann PatchettIn a recent conversation with a friend who is also an Ann Patchett super-fan, I realized that I *gasp* had never read one of her books! This was actually an exciting revelation because now I get to read it. I started it over the weekend and, as always with Patchett novels, I’m already deeply invested in the characters.

It Ends With Us by Colleen HooverEveryone loves a Colleen Hoover book but I just… don’t? Is that terrible? If I want book candy I want some murder. Oh wow, what is this saying about my psyche? Anyway, I finished this love story because I had to know what happened, but I really wanted more meat.

The Arc by Tory Henwood HoenSomeone at the bookstore recommended this book (also a love story) and I actually liked it so maybe not all hope is lost on me. It’s about a couple who finds each other through a high-tech, super-secretive matchmaking service called The Arc that, for $50,000, guarantees you’ll meet and fall in love with the love of your life…. or does it?

TV Shows– This is the first time I’m doing this but I have nothing to share here. Anel and I have been catching up on Top Chef when we can but we’ve both been busy and we’re both exhausted after we get the kids down. We end up chatting for a few minutes then going to be early lately and we haven’t watched much TV… I know. It’s weird!

But RHOBH is back so I’ve watched the first two episodes of that and this season is fire so far. And kind of obsessed with the fact that the new housewife is a Bosnian refugee like Anel. I told him about it and he said: This will be interesting. Those gals better not eff with her!


1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta AHA/BHA Face Wash: I’ve been using the same tea tree oil facial cleanser for over a decade and swore I’d never change but this bottle of gold showed up in a press package a few weeks ago and I’ve officially and finally made a switch to something that does just as good of a job (better, actually) of not breaking me out and not drying me out. It has the perfect foaminess and light scent and (dare I say it?!) it’s become a part of my daily routine as of late.

2. Weezie Hair Towel: After literally years of using the same hair towel that is finally falling apart, I upgraded to the Weezie one (in French blue with a monogram) and it makes a small moment of my day just a little bit better.

In other Weezie news, we got their beach towels at the end of the season last summer and didn’t have a chance to use them much. This weekend we used them at the beach (pictured above) and at home with the water table and their fluffiness and coziness is unrivaled, truly.

3. Monica Rich Kasan LocketThe Monica Rich Kasan team gifted me this locket a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it almost every day since. It is not only beautifully designed but makes me so happy knowing that my babies are close to my heart. Amalia opens it and kisses it every night before bed… And has promised me that I’ll save it for her when she’s a mommy. Come on!!!!

4. Linen Blend PantsI shared a link to these in Life Lately last week but they deserve a spot on this list because they are just fabulous. The perfect summer Coastal Grandma pant but also cool with a crop top or over a bathing suit.

5. Quiches: We obviously always have an overabundance of eggs and this spring I’ve been really amping up my quiche game. My go-to is shallots, leeks, scallions, goat cheese (or feta), and a little parm. It’s nice to have one made in the fridge for a quick heat-up breakfast and to enjoy with an arugula salad for lunch or dinner. I highly recommend whipping up a good ol’ quiche in your future.

Photo by Julia Dags.