15 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine Gifts

Every year on Valentine’s Day I buy myself a little something and gift something small to my girlfriends. This year I’m sending a few friends things I saw online that reminded me of them just to say I love you and miss you. One friend is getting this cheeky little ribbon, another got this pair of socks (not pictured), and I sent a pretty mug (also not pictured) to one more. It makes people so happy to get a little pick-me-up post-holidays, and I would imagine that small act of kindness will go even further this year.

I’m treating myself to this evil eye charm for my Asha pendant necklace. I’ve wanted it for a long time and I’m about ready to ward off any evil for the new few months!

16 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

One * indicates a female-owned business and two ** indicates a female POC-owned business.

1. ** Collagen-Infused Lip Mask, $25 for 5-pack: I love KNC’s retinol eye masks and these lip masks are a perfect little V-day treat for any gal pal.

2. * Evil Eye Charm, $98: This is what I bought myself this Vday. I can’t wait to add it to my charm pendant necklace. An evil eye can’t hurt right about now, right?

3. * I Love Your Guts Paperweight, $38: A local artist makes these cute blocks of love based on some of her most iconic paintings. I have a print of this one hanging in Amalia’s playroom!

4. Diptyque Candle, $68: It’s a classic. And the rose scent is just heavenly.

5. ** Cuyana Zippered Pouch, $75: You guys know how I feel about Cuyana pouches… If you don’t, read this post about how I organize my purse.

6. * LAKE Pajamas PJ Set, $84:I live in these PJ sets. There is nothing softer/cuter out there IMO. Their robes are great too. I packed one in my hospital bag for Amalia and plan to do it again this time around.

7. * Heart Studs, $150: Anel gave me these in turquoise last year and they are so darling and thoughtful. And we love supporting Ashley!

8. ** Our Place Always Pan, $145: I know I know. Everyone is overposting about this pan but I pretty much exclusively use mine now and it really does make an incredible gift!

9. Leather Pouch, $49: A girlfriend gave me this pouch for Christmas last year and I use it in my purse to store gum.

10. Floral Headband, $29: Can’t go wrong. I love it in blue too.

11. Eye Mask, $50 ($29 option here): I wear mine every night!

12. Heart Joggers, $80: These certainly look comfy.

13. ** Fresh Out of Fucks Ribbon, $7: Spot on for 2021. I just sent this to one of my girlfriends.

14. Cozy Socks, $5: I have these in another color and wear them all weekend long.

15. Heart Apron, $15: For anyone in your life who loves to cook!

16. Cookie Cutters, $7: A cute little something for the baker in your life.

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  1. Jane said:

    How is the Our Place Always Pan with eggs? I’ve spent all sorts of money on fancy pans that don’t work on eggs. Since I cook eggs almost every day, I am on the hunt for a perfect pan. I’ve asked others online how this pan is with eggs, but have yet to get a response. Have you cooked eggs with your pan? Happy Valentines!

    1.31.21 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I use it for eggs every morning so it gets an A+ from me!

      1.31.21 · Reply
      • Jane said:

        Good to know, thanks!!

        1.31.21 · Reply